Share Best Sandwich Ever- Competition


Let’s make it a Sandwich Competition,

Everyone is a winner,

Free entry, Free Winner,

John Montague, determined to win,

Caught by the gaming -table bug,

Eating slices of Cold Beef placed between slices of Toast,

Who? You know the 4th Earl of Sandwich started it all,

For 24 hours he did it and must have enjoyed it.

Cheers to you too if you enjoy your best Sandwich ever,

You need to share it though,

Automatically YOU ARE A WINNER!

Let’s hear from you.

It’s okay, for traditional sandwich, as well as a Roll, Baguette etc.

What’s mine you ask?

A Baguette drizzled with Olive Oil,

Sun-dried Tomatoes and olive halves,

Layer of Cos lettuce, slices of Tomatoes,

And Cucumber dabbed with little German dressing,

Layer of slices of Barbecue Chicken,

A touch of English Mustard.

Yum! Yummy!

Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #8

Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #8

I am having problems today with publishing this post, so I’m going to copy the title on to Word, paste the completed writing and hope it works.  Be blessed where ever you are and we are thankful

for our food and drink today.

I am having Natural Yogurt with Pumpkin seeds, dried Dates, Wholemeal Pitta bread with Flora and a glass of water.  I am thinking of the many things I need to do, apart from the writing, those I have started and need to be finished, start the autumn cleaning.

Having read a post on Reader ‘Blackout’ by Brendon, he had a Motor Vehicle Accident and do take a look at how he was feeling before and after it happened.  I am happy he is well but should get some rest.  I am sure I speak for all to wish you good health.

I am aware of listening to our intuition, our body and not pushing ourselves over the max when we don’t feel well.

Check if you must, be in control.

What am I obsessed about?

What are you obsessed about?

What are we all obsessed about?

Is it to do with locking the doors?

Is it turning the energy, ie, electric  or gas off?

Is it going over things twice to check for safely?

I bet you are already thinking,

What’s this got to do with obsessive?

Its just that powerful organ called the brain,

Our minds are being overloaded,

With all that we think we ought to worry about.

Don’t worry, be happy.


First Aid Know-how


Crisis, when it happens is an emergency or sends most people if not everyone into a state of emergency with varying degrees.  This depends on the severity of the crisis and our reaction is fight or flight.  These days many people are aware as news reports of so many crisis situations have been filtered down via TV, Internet, Smartphones, Social Media, etc.  I feel it hasn’t made us immune to it rather alert so we can be better at dealing with crisis. When we practise dealing with crisis in our everyday lives in a better way, I believe we can better able to deal with bigger ones.  Of course, frankly we rather not have them little or big crisis. I propose it’s very important that everyone familiarise themselves with Basic First Aid, just as we have First Aid packs or cabinets at home, in the office and other places.


Slowly healing comes

Slowly healing comes,
When it is a wound of the heart,
The tears fall like the well will never run dry,
Awash is the ache with refreshing fountains,
That gives to serenity a chance to rejuvenate.

Slowly healing comes,
When it is a wound of the mind,
The synapses’ lights are dim, then a flicker starts,
Charged with the will to sustain life,
That gives to joy a chance to reaffirm.

Slowly healing comes,
When it is a wound of the body,
The weakness ensues as ‘chemical currency’ ATP cannot be bought,
Intake of nutrients jump-starts cells to energise,
That gives to health a movement towards recuperation.

World Feast Day

Today is World Feast Day

Everyone will eat and not get hungry,

I am told the table will be set before us,

There’s enough to go round,

So do’t be afraid,

I am told farmers have grown enough,

To feed the whole world,

So don’t waste,

Let’s make every day a  celebration.