Model baby boy

The baby was so well dressed, all eyes were on him and his parents.  Was it the little man’s birthday that he had  his mini designer suit on?  Then one lady in her fifties plucked up the courage and  asked.  “Is it your boy’s birthday? It’s so nice to see you take time with his appearance, most people don’t bother anymore.”

“Oh no, we are going to a photo shoot,” said the boy’s Dad.



The pirates had a hideout in the cove, these were modern day pirates and who would have thought they existed.  The world has enlarged with tech opportunities and they are not all beneficial.  Someone had made a virtual cove and was conducting piracy, of what I don’t know!  Whatever the ships that passed had they wanted. It was a…a….a dream game..


Birth made easier


Squatting is supported by the exponents of natural birth as a beneficial way to give birth.  So what are the benefits being suggested?  Squatting can cut the length of labour and expedite delivery.  In my experience the women, whom I have been midwife to, on changing to a squatting position do have their babies quite quickly after having been labouring for a long time.  It always seem to be the last position taken, although some women put squatting as their choice of delivery position in their Birth Plan.  Getting down at the right time is important otherwise it is tiring on the legs and hips.

According to Doula, Alana Bibeau, PhD, the pelvic opening is widened about 20% to 30% by using the upper legs as levers on the pelvic bones and another benefit is more oxygen gets to uterine muscles and the baby, helps to dilate the cervix,.labour pains are lessened and the  incidence of episiotomy or perineal tears and caesarian section has dropped.

Squatting birth is something for pregnant women to consider.