The Power of His Love

The measure of your love,

So deep it touches the depth,

And we couldn’t fathom its ending

That no one could ever reach,

Such a height that’s way above an Everest

Upon Everest of skyscrapers you ever did see,

And this is all without the width measure,

The inclusion of which would be and is

It is a truly miraculous power because

It’s the Love Jesus Christ Our Lord has for us.

Relaxing time

There’s nothing better than relaxing after a hard day’s work, after a good exercise at the gym, after getting the children to sleep when you’ve all been on a day out or caring for them at home.  The last but not the least is that relaxing time after cooking the Christmas dinner, enjoying with the family and settling in, yes not on but in the sofa,.

Oh, did I forget the presents, well open them. Come on!  We are thankful.