It’s First Sunday in November 2018

Good Morning friends and followers and a Happy First Sunday in November 2018  Wishing you Happy and Blessed Days to a Happy New 2019 Year.

Don’t be irritated by striving,

Because I see you thriving.

Don’t be frustrated by trying,

Because I see you achieving.

Don’t be pulled down by your feelings,

Because I invite you to into my lean-ins.

Don’t be afraid to confront your negatives,

Because I support you to supplant in your positives.

by Susanna Dziworshie (copyright 4th Nov 2018)

God’s hands

Grasp life with both hands,

Is it too heavy?

Don’t worry,

God is holding you in his hands.


Grasp love with both hands,

Is the broken pieces sharp?

Don’t worry,

God is holding your heart in his hands.