Mend the mindset

The noise was so loud it woke most of the residents up.  The young joy riders just knocked down a wall and ploughed the garden with tyre tracks like it was a farm needing rows made in it.  Miraculously none of them were seriously hurt and they walked away from a damaged car, they were too afraid of the police, but they didn’t reckon on the CCTV.  The mindset of these youth needed mending, even though their bodies had been saved.




Sit, listen and share

The meanders of the plot in the story left most of the audience totally confused.  However, no one was more perplexed than creator of this active participation show. It became a case of too many cooks spoil the broth.

As they all got the hang of storytelling it was fulfilling just to sit and listen and share.  Who would have thought it was so hard to tell a story.

The session came to an end and there was a resounding, “Oh no is it finished already”, from all the participants.


Fish for supper.

The children stood fishing as they always did on Saturdays.  The bridge was their favourite spot, although they all had caught fish it was months and months ago.  Things would be different today.  Sal said he felt it, everyone knew when Sal felt something the day would turn out to be interesting.

Just then one by one each of them had a bite and caught a big fish.  They walked down from the bridge happily singing their hearts out.  Their mothers were also happy to have food to cook for supper.Fishing

The Mountain Walk

The volunteers were giving their time to help take the children on the mountain walk.  They had to Qualified Scouts, First Aid Officers and Leader/Mentors.  All the children were new to this and their parents had brought them to The Lodge at 09.00 as programme so the Introductory talk and practices could be done.

The children were rowdy and not listening, their parents sat in the chairs lined against the wall.  Their look said it all, they were shocked at the behaviour of their children.

The only thing that stopped the children was the sudden announcement, “The Mountain Walk is cancelled because it isn’t safe to take you children up without preparation and the hour study time is up.”

Or do you blame the clumsy vase?

I once saw a film and the PR team of a Art Gallery were working hard to impress this rich woman so she would attend an auction and spend some money.  Well, some clever or clumsy person placed a valuable vase on the stairs to add to the ambience.

As the rich woman came down he stairs her foot knocked the vase and she sent thousands of pounds hurling downstairs.  The staff thought she was the clumsy one.


Nan’s Birthday Cakes


“Don’t disagree with me Charlotte because I have been baking longer than you!” Jessie said.

“Well it’s all about following the recipe,” replied Charlotte.

“Isn’t this the same recipe Nan wrote down and has been the family favourite Cake every Sunday,” hmmm went Jessie.

“Girls how are the cakes coming on,” their Mum’s voice came through loud and clear.

It was their Nan’s birthday, Charlotte and Jessie both wanted to show her they could carry on the tradition she started.

Nan walked in and the biggest smile spread all over her face and she disappeared in the arms of her very tall grand daughters.

Los Campos Verdes

Why did she say “Be careful your eyes will get you into trouble.” Didi asked herself.  She continued with thoughts in her head.  “We need our eyes to see and there is so much to see, so what was she on about?  I wish older people would loosen up and have fun.  Or at least elaborate what she meant because I cannot figure it out.”

Most Friday nights was Salsa Dance Time and her date tonight was with Johnny, not only the best dancer in town but the most good-looking.  Didi had accepted his invitation out of the many that had come to her parents house since she came back from travelling the world.

It was not only her mother but the whole small community of Los Campos Verdes wanted to match make and Johnny was from the next town.