Wait! Look! Freedom!


Your world and mine used to be the same,

Our ancestors had an African name,

Until we were separated by force.

Through the centuries you waded back stroke by source,

Until your feet touched Africa, the motherland soil,

So yours was no vain of toil.

You sat and spoke with new, yet old people,

You smelt  the aroma of the food and it glistened your pupil,

You heard the waves and ran with joy into the sea,

You touched and climbed high into the coconut tree.

Whoever said permutations targeted at your mind would cause a point of no return?

Whoever lied that an open door was not for going in and out?

                                       Wait!Look! Freedom!

                                                                                                           Is at the Door of (no) Return.

(updated 21.12 today For Black History Month UK 2016)

A peaceful wait

Oh Lord how long shall I wait?

“Whereof I was made a minister, according to the gift of the grace of God given unto me by the effectual working of his power.”  Ephesians 3:7 King James Version

Consider that whoever we are, while we are waiting in our jobs or in our capacity among family, friends, groups  and in our environment whatever role(s) we have, we have been given these as a ministry that should not be misused.

Be peaceful and have a peaceful day because Our Lord Jesus Christ has been waiting longer on us to draw nearer to him so he can draw near to us.


How Grace comes from Housekeeping

I once found an old 1950s copy of a magazine which had amazing content touching different aspects of life and giving advice in the most elegant way.  The photos showed people who were graceful not so glossy and superficial. I’m sure lots of bloggers have seen or read a current copy of Good Housekeeping magazine, love it or hate it, there is a variety of topics to interest.

Now being the eldest I was an observer and learner in school and at home, there was no choice, in my family a girl child got the same privilege as a boy child and I was the eldest child of two eldest children.  So at home I observed pregnancies and both nice and terrifying family situations, (I mean illness/infant mortality) , discussion and advice sessions, learnt to tell stories, keep house and cook. Both my parents worked.  I had an Uncle whose hobby was photography and once a month when we visited, we had our photos taken for free and a collection built up.

There is Grace in Housekeeping, a reminder that there is really grace in good housekeeping, even though most people do get fed up with housekeeping.  My blog will add a little humour, salt, fire and spicy loveliness to everyone in their different situations.

Looking forward, onward and upwards

I have been writing on WordPress for a few months now.  A retired midwife who always had hoped to be a fully fledged author in my retirement years.  Trained from childhood on the Traditional ‘Egli’, that is the oral storytelling culture, I have continued into writing in many genres for myself and family.  I got a poem accepted in a newspaper once but it’s so long I remember the poem or the newspaper.  Is that terrible? No.  I am sure to find it among my many papers one day.  I am doing this course because I started by just jumping in and now learning the fine details of a blog is important to me.

The enjoyment of writing poetry, stories, plays and someone liking it gives me great satisfaction.  I am a mother and Grandma too, from this role there is a well of information with an added flavour of my African heritage.  Oh I mustn’t forget to include food recipes I love and travel tales.

Bloggers to my site will see lots of inspirational poems, prayers and stories.  I would like to have a section dedicated to Pregnancy and Family Advice. Something new has happened since joining WordPress, my love for photography is back and I have been out taking some pictures, which I hope will be good enough to add to the posts I write.  Everything I have written on my blog is new material. I look forward to a successful year of writing in the Daily Prompt Word Community and start publishing some of my old work.  I have made a Guest Author position on Success Inspirers’ World and also many great friends, I call you friends because of the support you’ve given me here.

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