You are Brilliant 

A first for my blog, this year has to be my first 
Meet and Greet. 

 To all my followers and readers, I welcome you to a brilliant Happy New Year.  I know I am going to enjoy reading your posts, show my support by liking and commenting as need be.  I will strive to give you interesting pieces of writing.  Through all this, we will get to meet and greet each other along the way.  Happy Writing.



Conversations that had been put off, no one knows how long for, were going on over the holidays.  In the spirit of patience, humility and forgiveness soft voices  made reconciliation easy. 

Becoming a close family again or being closer in a friendship is usually worth more than a diamonds to some people.

If you still haven’t had that conversation then make it a point to do so.

The last yacht

The yacht had recently been varnished and it gleamed in the sun.  After I painstakingly repaired, rem0000odelled and turned it into a luxury hotel, I couldn’t believe the interest it was attracting.  This was both on the web and at the auction house.  

I was happy with the result because hard work always pays.

Good and drink 

I wonder how many people gorge on their favourite food and drink.  It’s amazing how that box of chocolates become irresistible and you find yourself going back again and again for more.

Then there are others who have such self control that they eat the minimum. Are you happy with what you had?  Whatever you managed take it in your stride and work with it.

Relocate me

Relocate me to the place

Where I used to be carefree,

When it was fun with no worries,

How life changes and made me,

Fearful of the people and places,

If you know the little things that

Erode at me and cause a total meltdown

I would adapt to change, sure you would too,

But it’s never too late, if you know anyone like me,

Reach out and touch their heart with care,

Love and happiness works wonders.

By Susanna Dziworshie

Dedicated to all who are healing and those healed.

The sparkle of the Star

Just one special Star

Yet so mighty in sharing love 

Around the whole world.

Starting as a Star in the east

Sharing the sparkle 

Transferred to the many lights

On many trees, many houses

And many sidewalks.

Share the love and the

Feel of the coming together 

The infant Jesus showed us.

Susanna Dziworshie