Love Strikes Back at Depression- With Little Acts of Kindness and a Prayer

An introduction to a topic I really want to write about, this topic is depression and it will be from an angle of observation in my professional and personal life.  l shall write a weekly post. We assume that in the family setting we can and should be open and honest about our lives and worries.  However, it is not always easy, the person going through depression is either telling us or not of a problem in a way we can comprehend or recognise.  In my experience, through observation,  our everyday caring patterns can be used to recognise the beginning of a shift or that something has shifted in their mindset, in their persona.

Whether the person is under going treatment by a psychiatrist, having counselling or neither but relying on the love and care of family and friends, little acts of kindness specifically go a long way to helping recovery.   You might be thinking, but the source of each person’s depression is different, just remember, love and kindness make a big difference to all of us.  We probably won’t like to do this but out of love we must.

Lesson One:- Using meal times to communicate and reaffirming you care.  Never forget to greet, for example, saying “Good morning, how are you? I have your breakfast. I pray you feel better today. and I am here to listen ” makes a lot of difference even though you might not see it straight away.

Even if you are not allowed inside the room or the person is not getting out of bed at the usual times, leave the tray of food by the door.

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There was a very obvious juxtaposition seen worldwide recently. The opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem and the shooting of the stone- throwing Palestinian youths.

The photos were side by side speaking more than thousands of words. If anyone ever wanted to know about juxtapose, this is it.

SIWO Global News 29th May 2018 #42

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“The Malian Spiderman” Gassama

In Paris, a brave young Malian man called Mamoudou Gassama is now “The Spiderman of the 18th(Parisian district). He thought nothing of climbing the outside of a building to get to the fourth floor and rescue a child.  The crowd gathered below had been watching the boy who was dangling from the balcony.

When Mamoudou walked down there earlier and saw the situation, he quickly took action without thinking. As he climbed up the crowd encouraged him.  The boy was crying when he pulled him up.  The fire brigade arrived and found the situation under control.  22-year old Gassama met President Macron at the Elysee Palace on Monday and was given a Certificate for his Act of Bravery and promised French citifzenship.

He also got a phone call fom Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, to thank him and she coined the name, “The Spiderman of the 18th.”

Italy’s New Prime Minister

Italy has a new Prime Minister, Carlo Cottarelli was called on by the President Sergio Mattarella to form an interim government.  The ex-IMF Official Cottarelli has to gain Paliamentary support otherwise Italians could go to the ballot in August instead of early January.

Ethiopian government release Tsege

British national Andy Steve was reported to be among 6000 prisoners released.  He was held on death row for terrorism but his family say he was just an outspoken critic of the government.

His family of three have campaigned for his release.  The charity Reprieve who worked with the family were happy he got a pardon four years after his arrest.


Inspirational Story

Mobile Street Laundrette

A Mobile Van with washing machines and drying facilities helps the homeless and refugees.  In Athens there are about 20,000 homeless people. Living on the streets, in centres or in shelters, there’s no access to running water to keep their clothes clean and fresh.   With the refugee crisis the numbers of those in need of help has risen.

Thanos and two friends started this venture in 2014, not only to give the homeless and refugees clean clothes, also their self-esteem and dignity back.  The three friends believed this help would improve their living conditions, lead the homeless and refugees  to take control of their lives and be intergrated back into society.

Pedro drives the van and operates the washing and drying too.  He used to be homeless too and know how people don’t approach the homeless when their clothes are not clean.  Pedro made it plain that it’s a factor in the widening gap between the homeless and society according to Nick  Holland of World Hacks/BBC.

#SIWO GNEWS # 42  

Content from BBC news. Sky news. World Hacks/BBC.


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Ceremony -of coming of age

There is a  ceremony for coming of age in most cultures.  Lots of them involve enjoying a party.  Everyone says their party is better than the other.  The important thing is that the birthday boy or girl is taught life skills as well as how to enjoy oneself .  The age to celebrate differs and the range is wide.  In Jewish law a girl has bat mitzvah at  12 years old and 13 years old boys have bar mitzvah.  In Africa puberty is the marker for the coming of age celebration and in some countries involves female and male genital circumcision. This practise is not acceptable for the complications it causes.  European and American parents organise Sweet Sixteen for both boys and girls. There used to be a popularity for the 21st birthday party. In Latin America the Fiesta de la Quince Anos(Quinceanera) is celebrated for the 15 year old girl.