Today is Wednesday -It’s Mental Health Awareness Day- 10th October 2018

Everyone gather around, how are you feeling today? I hope you are having, going to have or have had a good day and was helped on this Mental Health Awareness Day.  Were you supported or did you do the supporting?

Let’s seat in a circle because where ever you are in the world, the world is round and we are already in a circle. Whatever degree of mental illness or even if it is a short episode depression or a difficult period in your life, remember you are not alone.  I am going to say remember HAPPY MEMORIES, at least ONE and go with that all day 24/7.  Do the same everyday after till the next celebration because YOU HAVE BEEN KIND TO YOURSELF.

I wish you every kindness.

Oops something has gone right- An amazing 1st year with WordPress

It has truly been an amazing year of writing, blogging, having fun, sharing, entertaining and making new friends.  I have thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot as well.  Just before I retired I had an episode of ill health, the only way forward was to get strengthened in Christ, get good nutrition and exercise going for total recovery and make each day special.  I wasn’t doing much in way of writing and from feedback of what i wrote was I needed to improve.  Then I found WordPress, a platform that gave me a boost of energy to further develop myself and the things I want to do.  I owe a lot to sharing with you and learning from you, I have written more, got involved in more activities and initiated my personal projects to fruition than I ever did.  I am glad I am able to write this without my laptop going, “Oops, something has gone wrong.” because of storage problems   I have been trying to catch up with liking and commenting on your blog posts, on writing the Daily Prompt and by God’s Grace one day hope to bring back ‘Top of the Elevenses/Brunch’.

Thanks to you all, from my first Follower to the most recent one, to all at Admin and Blogging Fundamentals, to Mr Ngobesing Romanus and all at Success Inspirers’ World, Viewers and Readers.  There are so many names to mention and I don’t want to miss any, so just believe I send you my love and thanks too.

Blessings of Palm Sunday to you all, His love is for everyone of us because we are all SPECIAL.


Frederick Asher was the toast of the town, the art exhibition at the prestigious Midler Concorde Museum had art enthusiasts queuing round the block to take a look at the Minimalist work of this unique artist.  He had brought a new dimension  to the world of art.

His personal experience has been translated to work on canvass.  It was well appreciated by the audience who voted him ARTIST OF THE YEAR.



Depending on the self is good,

There are times we have to take the bull by the horns,

Make the decisions and move forward,

Or stop to assess the position and be still

Don’t wait on someone for happiness

Because no one gives up their luck

Or shares it with others.

Believing on the self is good,

There are times we have to know we’re doing right.