My focus.

Tardy? No Sir! No Ma’am Not me.  Smart is what I am.  I wake and know where I want to go.  Where do I want to be.  Getting one foot in front of the other day after day.  That way I am pointed in the right direction. The direction of my focus.

Your strategy 

Strategy is the key

To strategic planning 

Steps of strategy 

Take you up a stratospheric 

Highs of achievement 

Input and action

Add up together 

To bring expectation 

Ultimately fulfilled.

I have arrived 

What a blessing is it to be able to blink,

Such clear eyes the newborn opens

To look at a world new and vast,

To follow the vocal rhythm heard,

Heard before, through waves of waters

Lapping over a smooth and soft skin,

A comforting cry already announced 

I have arrived into your loving arms.

By Susanna Dziworshie 

You are Brilliant 

A first for my blog, this year has to be my first 
Meet and Greet. 

 To all my followers and readers, I welcome you to a brilliant Happy New Year.  I know I am going to enjoy reading your posts, show my support by liking and commenting as need be.  I will strive to give you interesting pieces of writing.  Through all this, we will get to meet and greet each other along the way.  Happy Writing.


Conversations that had been put off, no one knows how long for, were going on over the holidays.  In the spirit of patience, humility and forgiveness soft voices  made reconciliation easy. 

Becoming a close family again or being closer in a friendship is usually worth more than a diamonds to some people.

If you still haven’t had that conversation then make it a point to do so.