Love Strikes Back at Depression- With Little Acts of Kindness and a Prayer

An introduction to a topic I really want to write about, this topic is depression and it will be from an angle of observation in my professional and personal life.  l shall write a weekly post. We assume that in the family setting we can and should be open and honest about our lives and worries.  However, it is not always easy, the person going through depression is either telling us or not of a problem in a way we can comprehend or recognise.  In my experience, through observation,  our everyday caring patterns can be used to recognise the beginning of a shift or that something has shifted in their mindset, in their persona.

Whether the person is under going treatment by a psychiatrist, having counselling or neither but relying on the love and care of family and friends, little acts of kindness specifically go a long way to helping recovery.   You might be thinking, but the source of each person’s depression is different, just remember, love and kindness make a big difference to all of us.  We probably won’t like to do this but out of love we must.

Lesson One:- Using meal times to communicate and reaffirming you care.  Never forget to greet, for example, saying “Good morning, how are you? I have your breakfast. I pray you feel better today. and I am here to listen ” makes a lot of difference even though you might not see it straight away.

Even if you are not allowed inside the room or the person is not getting out of bed at the usual times, leave the tray of food by the door.

Copyright:  Susanna Dziworshie


Slight but intense

With the slight of the hand

No words were needed

A decision was made

Whether harsh or not

Everyone saw the mallet

It went down

It was final.

Mend the mindset

The noise was so loud it woke most of the residents up.  The young joy riders just knocked down a wall and ploughed the garden with tyre tracks like it was a farm needing rows made in it.  Miraculously none of them were seriously hurt and they walked away from a damaged car, they were too afraid of the police, but they didn’t reckon on the CCTV.  The mindset of these youth needed mending, even though their bodies had been saved.