Helping hands


“Why should you want to embarrass me by screaming, all I want to do is help you? said the tall man to the woman on the floor.

“You pushed me and now you want to help.” said the woman.

“What in heavens name are you talking about” replied the man.

“No one has a kind heart or cares, everyone seems to be just rushing here, rushing there, rushing everywhere” she said angrily.

“Are you hurt, can you move your arms and your legs?” the tall man continued.

In the meantime hoards of the city’s travellers are briskly making their way past, in the rush hour.  Amazingly only few are slowing down to ask if they can help too.  One by one each stopped and gradually they formed a ring around the two people in the centre.

Then a voice was heard saying, “I just phoned the ambulance because she is pregnant.  Look at her”

Everyone looked down at what the man had noticed, like a slow surf making its way to the shore, the amniotic fluid, that certain type of fluid a pregnant looses when her waters break was coming towards them.  Simultaneously they move two steps back as if they had synchronised or rehearsed this action.  But it was too late for the tall man because his shoes were wading in the liquid.

“Oh no! my interview, how can I go like this, my first one in five years, two years of unemployment and three re-training” he exclaimed.

“Arrrgh its coming, someone do something!” the woman cried out.

Very quickly they moved her to a dry area where they had spread their coats.  The tall man took some gloves out of his briefcase and proceeded to deliver the baby.  Just then the Paramedics arrived to find the newborn safely in its mother’s arms and a circle of people clapping for the tall man.

It might not be the right time but he felt he needed to know so he asked her, “Were you screaming at me or were you in pain?

“What do you think” she said and smiled at him

The Paramedics took mother and baby to the hospital.  The tall man got to his interview late, but a You-tube video had preceded him  and his kind actions got him the job as a midwife.

In response to the Daily Prompt- Embarrassing


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