The Precious Paper

What you’ve written in it

Has made it precious.

Who hasn’t got one hidden away?

That precious thought carefully scripted.

Is it a letter, a love letter, a secret or a will?

No one knows until it is found.

Loops work

Loop slip loop

Continue creatively

Or read a pattern

At the end tie a knot

And what do you get

A lovely crochet top or

Wow a splendid  knitted piece.

Peace and Justice for Grenfell Tower Residents.

So many voices raised to our Creator,

Tears, Fears, Cries, Screams, Wails,

Help us, save us , rescue us,

Help them, save them, rescue them,

Comfort us, support us, favour us,

Comfort them, support them, favour them,

You created us to be just to each other,

Yet in the Grenfell Tower they were ignored,

Why Oh Why, you may ask? Yes ask!

Till the answers come, lessons are learnt,

Corrections are made, lives are valued,

Fitting memories are made for those remembering loved ones.

You and you and I are those remembering,

Because we are all under one roof,

The sky is the roof over all our abode.

Peace and Justice for Grenfell Tower Residents.


Polish or clean?

The art of polishing shoes have become a thing of the past.  Or am I mistaken about that?  There is a shoe polish in the house belonging to a member of the family which we can all use but rarely do.  I reckon it’s the materials used in making shoes that call for them needing polishing or just cleaning.


Order your meal and wait for it to arrive.  While you are waiting your drinks is served accompanied by snacks and don’t we enjoy those snacks.  I have enjoyed Bread rolls, cheese straws, pompaddoms with the most delicious dips.

What’s the best pre-dinner snack you have ever had?