The Wedding of the year

The bride and groom walked towards each other nervously because they hadn’t seen each other since the night they arranged with their cousins to be chaperoned, meet and talk.  This was frowned upon by the older members of their families and they were strictly forbidden to meet again.  The funny thing, they work together at the hospital, even the workplace they were watched and talking of anything else but their jobs was difficult.  They were in love and were prepared to go through this for the two weeks before their wedding.  A compromise had been made and theirs was a traditional cum modern marriage, it was not totally arranged.

Luckily the preparations for the wedding was gathering pace so this kept everyone busy.  Each day presents kept arriving to the bride’s parents’ house.

Meetings for the smooth running of this event was taking place among those delegated with roles to manage specific areas.  Of course, the hard work for the wedding of the year was compensated by the excitement it was creating in the whole town.


Missing you my love

I am missing you my love,

Where art thou hiding?

A cosy fire a burning,

Crackling logs glowing amber,

With a red haze that warms my cockles,

Waiting for you to join me,

We will make each other a better person,

Patience will continue to be my virtue,

To safely  and surely  hand in hand with my man,

Sit we watching the snow fall on the glen .

All for Two

I knew a man called Slattery,

He was full of flattery,

His words seemed equipped with the buttery

That he used to run an Eatery,

He took himself and I to the Presbytery,

Where he placed a ring so glittery,

To start a wedded bliss with gifts from the lottery,

But the hard work was to come; the good marriage mastery.

All for two in this mystery,

At home and work moulded together like pottery,

In our new roles and serving each other and guests without jittery,

We conquered the pitfalls of a young couple and had no effrontery.


The Virtuous Woman’s Hope Box

When I think of mother,

I remember a woman,

Who made and bought for a rainy day,

Who was prepared and like

The woman in Proverbs 31:10-31,

The Virtuous Woman,

She was praised by her husband and children,

But ah, there’s one more thing,

Whether an item was fragile or not she would say,

“Take care of that because it’s older than you.”

“How come?” we would ask,

“I bought it before any of you was born,

and I looked after it well so you could use it too” she would reply

The object having come out from her Hope box,

Which she continued to top up,

Buying or making everything useful but not hoarding.

Don’t make life complicated

Don’t make life complicated,

Husbands and wives help each other,

Children and grand children get involved,

Who wants help with the chores today?

‘Many hands make light work’

An easy question to ask gets an easy answer.

Who neglected who?

‘A rolling stone gathers no moss’

Loneliness in old age is not easy to share.

What inheritance did you leave us?

‘Waste not want not.’

Living the high life with no money management equals zero.

Can you learn from your mistakes?

‘Charity begins at home’

Being humble to learn virtues stops heartache and trouble.