Every child has a vision.

When a child says, “I want to be a Doctor when I grow up.”

Or whatever other job a child might say.

Or if “I don’t know what I want to do” is the answer,

That’s a vision.

A gift from Our Lord Our God

Who stirs up that special gift,

Be it specific or exploratory.

He will guide and guard.

Define and refine

Until each child makes his or her way

Towards the calling He has chosen.

He did it for Christ.



Sweet tooth is difficult to tame.  Best to tame it when at a young age we are likely to be able to.  In primary and junior school parents usually take their children to school and pick them up too. There’s a slim chance of them buying sweets along the way.  However, when the children get to secondary school and can have assess to Tuck shop, stores and shops to and from school, then it’s  free will being exercised.  Well, lollipops and all types of sweets were such a delight, I know what I was like and after that I have had many Dentist appointments to prove it.

A Surprise in the Shelter

Such was the abundance and variety of food that was on each table.  It appeared to be have been donated to the shelter.  Men, women and children stood around, peering from a distance of two or three steps from the table, no one made a move towards it.

They seemed to be frozen in their positions. A voice boomed, which startled them. “It is edible so go ahead, help yourselves and eat.”.  Suddenly they all came alive and feasted to their hearts content.

Build the young good memories

He helped clear the weeds, the brambles, the grass, the leaves and everything that had made the garden look overgrown and untidy.  The garden looked like a horticulture barber had done a severe work.  Well,it needed it and it is a chance to get new plants, growth and beauty.   Then he remembered and said, “I once sat in a white chair in this garden while Grandma was cooking lovely food on the barbecue.  It was hot and I had a cold homemade lemonade.”

We all agreed with him that this has happened, and it was a good memory and decided it was time for us to savor another barbecue meal.

“Stand here to receive”

This a translation from the Two language of Ghana.  When you want a a piece of clothing made and you need it immediately or that same day, it is possible.  You just go the  tailors section in a market and those who offer this  service can get you your desired style and attire.  Most tailors and seamstress have a list of clientele with a waiting period to get the clothes you ordered.  This way you could say it’s both a Ready to Wear and Takeaway.



I looked in the mirror,

And didn’t recognise the face,

Some contortions had been at work,

And didn’t do a good job,

I opened my mouth and bumble,

Bumble bumbling words came out,

I didn’t help build the Tower of Babel,

So tell me what’s happening,

I listened and so did others,

Until gradually someone deciphered,

That lasted a fleetingly moment

Because I had to exercise my muscles

The flesh of my throat,

The flesh of my face

Until I saw and heard me.

Whom I knew the Lord

Our God created.

What a restoration.