Unimaginable lifestyle,

Is what she lives now.

Did she ever think

It would be like this,

She only knew

Life has seasons.



Every child has a vision.

When a child says, “I want to be a Doctor when I grow up.”

Or whatever other job a child might say.

Or if “I don’t know what I want to do” is the answer,

That’s a vision.

A gift from Our Lord Our God

Who stirs up that special gift,

Be it specific or exploratory.

He will guide and guard.

Define and refine

Until each child makes his or her way

Towards the calling He has chosen.

He did it for Christ.



The conjured performance of tricks went down well with the crowd.  Sweets and balloons were popping up out of jacket pockets and landing in the laps of the amused audience.

No one comes away from Mr Fenton, the Magician’s show empty-handed.