The Lion and the Lizard


The lion roared fiercely,
It was in its domain,
“There’s no neighbourliness around here,
When i’m protecting my pride,
Or leading the hunt,
But when I’m having my afternoon nap,
Lizard, you carry scurry around me,
Catching and eating the flies and insects,
Cos everyone has a job to do.”

(Inspired by a Nature Programme)

Top of the Elevensys/Brunch#2









100 Follows!


Hello everyone, how is your 11 o’clock sit down with your hot or cold drink and snack or meal going? For me it’s a cold dish of a piece of Roast Chicken Drumstick , Grapes, a sneaky piece of the last cake from the pan I rescued from the oven  and Green Tea and  a posh Gently Sparkling bottled water that tastes like tonic.  The latter a gift given to my daughter and  she is sharing it with me.

I just finished sorting out the refuse for recycling and reflecting on yesterday’s Red Velvet cake, it was a matter of “To add beetroot or Not to add Beetroot. That is the question.”   This means because I started with a beetroot recipe, I ended up doing another cake with one.  Last week was the first time I heard my son didn’t like beetroot, no one in the family likes it except me but I thought, baked in a cake should be alright.  Not sure  if like or allergy was in play, when I was reminded of this I decided on the mammoth task of more cakes, enough cake to share out and add to your elevensys.  In the end a 3 tier Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese/Butter/Cream Icing accompanied by Fresh Cherries won the day.  The rest, enough to make another cake is wrapped in the freezer.

It was a busy evening and a quick look at Blog revealed some stats, it was very late and my Publish click was failing so I thought it would be just as good to write it on Top of the Elevensys/Brunch. With the help of all of you dear friends, I have attained some success including that interesting number, 1337,  I keep reading about.  Thanks to all readers of my posts, Grace in Housekeeping, now has 100 follows, and 1337 likes go with Success Inspires’ World and Yipee WordPress staff.  Mr Ngobesing Romanus, if you’re reading this on your little holiday, “Thanks a bunch too.”

Now that the Bank holiday and  is over today I can carry on with my job search and contact offices that I need to sort out various invoices and bills I query.  Lastly, do your occasions bring out the best of memories and the worst of family verbal argy-bargy?   I think I am going to declare Free argy-bargy zone from now on. Have a grand day.


A Review of an Expert Show: The Royal Edinburgh Tattoo 2016

I am sitting here for some some experts to entertain me.  This is The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2016 with its magnificent backdrop, Edinburgh Castle.  I knew I was in for a treat and I wasn’t disappointed with Massed Pipes and Drums, Marching and Drill Bands, Highland Dancers, plus Daredevil Motor-back Riders from Hackney made up the United Kingdom contingent.

Guest Military Bands from around the globe participated.  I enjoyed the Nepalese Dancers who accompanying their Military  Band with poise.  This was followed by The US Army Europe Band and Choir starting with The Big Band Sound and Swing songs.  Elvis Presley tunes wasn’t going to be left out because everyone wanted to be ‘All shook up’ . Yeah! Yeah! you should have seen me singing, with the aid of subtitles, the words ‘Freedom’ ‘Freedom’ to the song ‘Think’ from Aretha Franklin’s famous song list.

Off we went to The Band and Drill Team of the Jordanian Armed Forces, their Horsemanship was second to none.  Jazzy tunes from  The New Zealand Army band started and ended their show with songs from known Musicals.  A well performed traditional Haka was slotted in the middle and  I don’t think many people were frightened by it though.

His Majesty The King’s Guard from Norway made up of young people doing a one year military service, expertly learnt such coordination of their drill skills, drumming and playing their musical instruments, it was a joy to watch. Accompanied by pyrotecnics enactments of drills used by military bands in war time brought more excitement to the show.

An assembly of different Royal Guards and The Household Guards and bringing out the Royal Coach signalled the ending of an evening’s entertainment.   I shall just have to catch up with the end later as the channel was changed while on live pause button but I think we’ve got most of it.  Has that ever happened to you? It’s not planned but somehow, every year I am in the right place to watch this show and there is always something new and this year the theme appears to be celebration of Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday.

Is all fair in love?

If only he knew what would happen,

If only she knew what would happen,

The lives of four families totally broken to pieces,

Like a shattered crystal decanter scattered in a million sparkling bits,

The new couple were like the far off bits,

Ostracised to outskirts of the town,

Of the village where preparations for a double wedding,

Enthused its inhabitants, who had been cheated.

They made a love nest from the little cottage,

With a pink climbing rose all around it,

Picking herbs, fruits and nuts,

Digging turnips, parsnips and potatoes,

Growing wild like their love,

They thrive.

Big Sister Little Brother


“Obviously I’ve got homework to do,” said Nigel, “but I want to finish playing this game, it’s alright because I have a Time Table, you know a Schedule to get all I have to do done today. ”

Agnes replies, “If it is that obvious why didn’t you plan the homework before the game, that way you would be prioritising what’s important first, and do bring this Time table for me to see.”

“Here it is, see for yourself,”  as Nigel hands it over.

Agnes reads and finds something interesting and says to her brother, “So what time did you put down to finish the game?”

“Obviously when I have won, silly!” an indignant Nigel says in a loud voice.

“Your game ends now, because you could be going on with this game forever if you don’t win and I am responsible for you completing your homework before Mum and Dad get home,” added Agnes frowning.

“You big sisters are so bossy,” was Nigel’s reply.

“Well you’ve only got me, so appreciate moi,” retorted Agnes.

Babies can do it

What is the use of learning when we don’t apply it?

Babies in the womb learn something special,

They learn the distinctive voices of their parents.

They learn the voices of those dear ones they hear regularly,

Have you ever been one of those at the receiving end of that look,

When those beautiful eyes, so fresh,

And seemingly full of knowledge,

Follow your every move and bring

To your life, your soul and your spirit,

Such joy like a waterfall with bubbles that tickle,

And if some entered your mouth,

Popping candy would stand no chance,

With so much we’ve learnt on this earth,

Applying our learning towards good deeds,

Should be a target easily achieved,

Because babies can do it.