Risky? The question that comes to mind before a decision is made.  Many billions of decisions are made involving personal, family, group, community, national and international risks.   

The risktakers are made up of ordinary people, never mind the title or qualifications they bring to the table.  They are still people who should be looking at the cause and effect on humanity before taking certain risks.  Sometimes we think they are just decisions but each has a degree of risk.

One such area is food waste,  past and present decisions to over-produce, over-order and over- cook as well as being conditioned to like perfectly shaped fresh produce and to throw away good quality safe- to -use leftovers. 

We all just need to be smart in how we plan our meals and use what we’ve got.  SMALL CHANGE  BIG DIFFERENCE  is gathering businesses to promote healthy sustainable eating and reducing food waste.  So TRiFOCAL is running this project and the more the merrier for us and our planet.    

By Susanna Dziworshie 

Handle lives well

Genius can handle it.

What can they handle?

Their God given talent.

What can’t most not handle?

They way their genius affects their lives.

A genius, be it recognised or not.

If a celebrity, a populous adoration 

Can easily go to one’s head.

If not, they are like a magnum

With no outlet or destructive ones.

Be a genius who handles your life well.