Family Picnic in the Park


The hampers were packed full with delicious goodies, the day had arrived for the Annual Family Picnic.  The family was now bigger and more multi-cultural since the last time Sahia attended.  There had been lots of marriages in the last ten years and they had received photos, videos and social media had been a link they would now treasure.  Her parents had been living and working in Seychelles where it radiates with sunshine all year round.  Now back in England this summer, hot weather was promised so everyone was looking forward to see each other, chat, eat and play.

Lots of preparations had gone into this occasion and jobs had been allocated when the favourites had been taken.  Well, everyone knew who was best at making Fresh Fruit Cakes, Sweet and Savoury Pastries, Chicken Curries, Beef Jollof rice,  Bourguignon, Salads and Sandwiches etc. Sweets, snacks and drinks galore were available.  Someone had the checklist so the Gazebo, cutlery, games, table, chairs and all manner of useful items were not forgotten.

They travelled there in a convoy and began to unpack.  As soon as the last item was out, someone shouted, “I felt a drop of rain.”   No sooner had Shazia replied, “Oh! you spoil sport,” did events get quite dramatic for about ten minutes.  The heavens opened with large hailstones sending everyone running for shelter.

Shelter was the nearest car and they all ended up in different cars to the one they came in.  They shared stories happily and got reacquainted while watching their delicious food and possessions being pelted on.

In response to Daily Prompt: Dramatic


The block of photos at the top of this post is from the Internet.

This photo above is of my first attempt pictures to get back into photography. I hope you like it.

“All the better for seeing you or all the better for talking to you, my dear.”






Good Morning to you on a bright new day of hope and all the better for writing for you my readers because it’s an honour.  The title of this post was popular in 1970s England as part of greeting someone until political correctness came by.  I appreciated it because it translated well from a greeting I had been used to and it helped me feel part of a larger family, happier and motivated to tackle the day and its surprises.  Therefore I was less lonely and homesick. My roots and life, inspirations and aspirations, my professions I was studying and my hobbies become great subjects to talk about.

So wake up and a freshness of air we instinctively breathe in, stretching out with our hands in the air going upwards, outwards or forward in a manner of pushing something out of our way.  Why? Because we want better, so all that is not we as it were we push away with our arms and hands.  Naturally all we all want is a friend, family or someone to talk to, listen to, we want our lives to be better in its totality or in specific aspects of it.  We want better for our marriage, children, family, friendships, neighbour, community, nation and the world.  Prayers and blessings are part of the start to our day and Our Lord God in his agape love takes care of us, but we can’t just want and wish, we have to lead better lives, to witness and do the practical things which shows we have been counting our blessings.  Oh, don;t ever think yours is zero. Using a sentence we now frequently hear, I am going to ask you to do a little survey question.  With 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest, “How many times have you been blessed in your life?”  Please think about this and I will be happy to read your comments if you wish to share.

Some people live with their family and don’t talk to each other.  I have been a guilty party to this act and I soon learnt and practised not to let the sun go down on my anger. (Source: Ephesians 4:26).  I appreciate that, you are there for us to share our thoughts, words and problems, to help each other for the better and to be better.  Have a nice day.







The Sahara sends the Harmattan


The Sahara Desert wants its presence felt,

It wakes up its wind to send it over the tropical forest and lands,

Red soil, red soil stir up from the burning ripples,

From around the oasis pick up some cold,

Harmattan Winds listen, you are going to trade,

Blow north-easterly, blow the dry silt,

Dust the trees and leaves, the houses and the people,

Dust their possessions, dry their throats and eyes

Make the day hot and hazy, warm sweat drips white hankies dusty red

And the nights cold and still, present cold water for early morn baths,

The Sahara has acted to let us know,

Its wide expanse of red soil is not just for decoration.




Why do wars seem unstoppable?

Are we not fed up at those who start wars?<a

Wearing  out the confabs to stop the escalation?

And coming out with no peace deals?

Why don’t we live in peace?

So we don’t hear and see people hurt and killed,

With centuries old cities and homes broken down to dust.

It’s hard to see the suffering,


How Grace comes from Housekeeping

I once found an old 1950s copy of a magazine which had amazing content touching different aspects of life and giving advice in the most elegant way.  The photos showed people who were graceful not so glossy and superficial. I’m sure lots of bloggers have seen or read a current copy of Good Housekeeping magazine, love it or hate it, there is a variety of topics to interest.

Now being the eldest I was an observer and learner in school and at home, there was no choice, in my family a girl child got the same privilege as a boy child and I was the eldest child of two eldest children.  So at home I observed pregnancies and both nice and terrifying family situations, (I mean illness/infant mortality) , discussion and advice sessions, learnt to tell stories, keep house and cook. Both my parents worked.  I had an Uncle whose hobby was photography and once a month when we visited, we had our photos taken for free and a collection built up.

There is Grace in Housekeeping, a reminder that there is really grace in good housekeeping, even though most people do get fed up with housekeeping.  My blog will add a little humour, salt, fire and spicy loveliness to everyone in their different situations.

First Aid Know-how


Crisis, when it happens is an emergency or sends most people if not everyone into a state of emergency with varying degrees.  This depends on the severity of the crisis and our reaction is fight or flight.  These days many people are aware as news reports of so many crisis situations have been filtered down via TV, Internet, Smartphones, Social Media, etc.  I feel it hasn’t made us immune to it rather alert so we can be better at dealing with crisis. When we practise dealing with crisis in our everyday lives in a better way, I believe we can better able to deal with bigger ones.  Of course, frankly we rather not have them little or big crisis. I propose it’s very important that everyone familiarise themselves with Basic First Aid, just as we have First Aid packs or cabinets at home, in the office and other places.


Looking forward, onward and upwards

I have been writing on WordPress for a few months now.  A retired midwife who always had hoped to be a fully fledged author in my retirement years.  Trained from childhood on the Traditional ‘Egli’, that is the oral storytelling culture, I have continued into writing in many genres for myself and family.  I got a poem accepted in a newspaper once but it’s so long I remember the poem or the newspaper.  Is that terrible? No.  I am sure to find it among my many papers one day.  I am doing this course because I started by just jumping in and now learning the fine details of a blog is important to me.

The enjoyment of writing poetry, stories, plays and someone liking it gives me great satisfaction.  I am a mother and Grandma too, from this role there is a well of information with an added flavour of my African heritage.  Oh I mustn’t forget to include food recipes I love and travel tales.

Bloggers to my site will see lots of inspirational poems, prayers and stories.  I would like to have a section dedicated to Pregnancy and Family Advice. Something new has happened since joining WordPress, my love for photography is back and I have been out taking some pictures, which I hope will be good enough to add to the posts I write.  Everything I have written on my blog is new material. I look forward to a successful year of writing in the Daily Prompt Word Community and start publishing some of my old work.  I have made a Guest Author position on Success Inspirers’ World and also many great friends, I call you friends because of the support you’ve given me here.



Mystery of the Missing Homeless Kids’ Toys: help finish the story.


The Police Department was tense, an elusive trickster had sent a message that he had all the toys.  The toys had been donated by the school children for the new Homeless Family Centre.  Everyone knew they weren’t stolen, just moved to a place and clues would soon be left for them to be found.

So the wait was on but the longer it took to get the first note the more unhappy everyone in the  Appleby Town was. An alternative plan was being hatched to bring back the Community spirit, ……..


Add a line or more.


The Lord’s Sanctuary


When I am sitting in the sanctuary

Your presence Oh God do I feel,

Are you comfortable my Lord God,

For I know there’s a lot you listen to,

For there’s a lot I have to tell you,

I forget there are billions bending your ear too,

But it’s not out of selfishness that I hold on to you so tightly,

Your Word says, “Hold thou me up, and shall be safe: and I will have respect unto thy statutes continually.” (Psalms 119:117)

Help me to listen to your voice too.