Mankind on All Souls Day

What is good in mankind

Except for us to be kind!

Where does goodness take us?

Except to an abundant bonus

Why in life value a soul?

Except for today the spirit be willing

What with rigour and vigour?

What faith, kindness, goodness and bonus of prayers!

Expect it in an outpouring of abundance.


Susanna Dziworshie (Copyright)

Olde worlde house

When the old meets the young

Hmm, talk of archaic flows and meanders

Time is spent pondering on the old-fashioned

What out of date thing doesn’t get mentioned

Keep bygones as bygones

Oh no! Just time to use the antique tea set

And reminisce of times in a older worlde house.


Roomy homes

Thin castle?

There’s nothing like that

Thin country house?

There’s nothing like that

Thin palace?

There’s nothing like that

So what do you get?

Not a fat castle

Not a fat country house

Not a fat palace

Just beautiful and roomy

Homes, Homes, Homes.