The puppy

The frantic cries of the puppy, alerted the police to his plight. There has been a spate of dog kidnap ing going on in the city. No leads were found despite the extra volunteers drafted in to help. The guilty man was trying to pass the dog as his own, but the officers soon saw through his deceit.
The puppy was soon united with its rightful owner.

The quartet of singers

The quartet of singers
Came from a far away land
To sing and serenade
A maiden, a love song
Written by her admirer
Too shy to come forward.

The quartet of singers
Set a valiant performance
To touch the heart strings
And surely the notes tickle
Waking the maiden to see
The love of her life smiling.

There are many products and services, that have come from ideas upon ideas. These ideas going through one’s thoughts are unintentionally being incubated by creative minds.  Then you speak to yourself ot to someone, “I have  an idea for a……….”

Every one thinks their idea is the best, so work at yours and bring out the best in you.

Mend the mindset

The noise was so loud it woke most of the residents up.  The young joy riders just knocked down a wall and ploughed the garden with tyre tracks like it was a farm needing rows made in it.  Miraculously none of them were seriously hurt and they walked away from a damaged car, they were too afraid of the police, but they didn’t reckon on the CCTV.  The mindset of these youth needed mending, even though their bodies had been saved.




Sit, listen and share

The meanders of the plot in the story left most of the audience totally confused.  However, no one was more perplexed than creator of this active participation show. It became a case of too many cooks spoil the broth.

As they all got the hang of storytelling it was fulfilling just to sit and listen and share.  Who would have thought it was so hard to tell a story.

The session came to an end and there was a resounding, “Oh no is it finished already”, from all the participants.