Better decisions

Hip replacement was a topic in the news recently.  A Health Authority refusing this procedure in order to cut costs is terrible.  I remember as a student nurse how much difference it made to many people, usually the older population after periods of pain, discomfort and immobility.

I would wish these decision makers to reassess this situation and find other ways to save money.  I say, look at cutting down on wastage to improve quality of life.


Value the Elderly and Teach your Children Well


“Old man, so this boy knocked on your door once, ran away and you go calling the Police” the oldest boy said disdainfully, “Isn’t that mean?”

“Surely it can only be taken as a joke, nothing else, can’t you see that?”  one other child spoke.

What kind of thinking goes on inside your heads, who would call that a joke?, said the mother of the child being blamed by the Old man and Police.

With seven children knocking and running away all morning, which one of you would like their Grand Dad or Grandma troubled in such a way.”   “And who knocked on the old man’s door first? asked the Police Constable.

“All of us except him, you’re holding on to.” pointing, the oldest whispered.

The boy’s mother started to blame herself for giving him a break from his homework, when the boys called for her son to come out to play.

So you can only whisper now, what are you lying about? said the Policeman.

It was us, he didn’t do it because we just called him to join in and hid so the old man would blame him.” the smallest of the trouble makers said.

“You are all in serious trouble because you disturbed and harassed the old man, lied and got your friend into trouble, worried his Mum and tried to make her out to be the one lying, wasting valuable Police time, that’s just for starters, so I have to see your parents at the Police Station” the Police Constable addressed them sternly.

“Oh please Sir,” came a chorus of frightened voices.

Before letting go of the boy to go home with his mother he made all of them apologise to the old man and promised not disturb him again.

What do you think?  I think there are so many lessons for us all, parents, adults and our children to learn from this. I’m sure we will and teach our children well as well as continuing to pray for our children, grand children and great grand children to be at the right place at the right with the right people and doing the right things.