Today is Wednesday -It’s Mental Health Awareness Day- 10th October 2018

Everyone gather around, how are you feeling today? I hope you are having, going to have or have had a good day and was helped on this Mental Health Awareness Day.  Were you supported or did you do the supporting?

Let’s seat in a circle because where ever you are in the world, the world is round and we are already in a circle. Whatever degree of mental illness or even if it is a short episode depression or a difficult period in your life, remember you are not alone.  I am going to say remember HAPPY MEMORIES, at least ONE and go with that all day 24/7.  Do the same everyday after till the next celebration because YOU HAVE BEEN KIND TO YOURSELF.

I wish you every kindness.


The health of a nation is so vital for many reasons, in this case I am referring to the human physical and mental health.  It is the type of structure or model that has been set up which should allows access by all the inhabitants and anyone in need of care whether they have symptoms or not.

The public sector health services have been thus organised to cope with this.   However financial constraints or should I say prioritisation is causing deficiencies in the system therefore giving rise to debates and discussions as to how to solve this problem..Symptom

Open to learning

Thank God for Google, well for dictionaries before the Web came along.  Searching to make sure I was thinking of the right word or rather the right meaning to parlay, I found something I had always known.  I don’t know everything, in fact, no one can know everything except Our God.  As it turns out I thinking of ‘parlez’ as in the French to speak.  Now, parlay is a new word that I am going to add to my vocabulary.  So it’s about the mindset of gamblers putting their money or winnings into more bets.  I suppose they were hoping that they would win again,  I wonder how many did.


Silence is broken

The desolate island had a secret, the intimidating rocks surrounding it made most people keep away from it. Its centre was like paradise. Of course, there is always one adventurous person who would go where no one dare go.  He was Commodore C. Hgou, who recently had his Battleship decommissioned from the Navy.  His desire to find some place where no one else would be paid off.  He needed to have distance between him  and human contact.  Well, the thing is he forgot to turn off his high tech mobile.  The silence he so wanted was broken by rock music ringtone.


Quiz ends well

The atmosphere was tense in the studio, and in all the houses around the country,  This was the final of the quiz show that had the nation talking, tweeting and arguing.  Both contestants were extremely good and people were divided as to who they wanted to win.

Gabriel had both hands on his buzzer.  April settled for the one hand position. There was no hesitation, both hit their buzzers at the same time according to the scientific measurements installed for fairness and transparency. They both shouted out the correct answer before the host could choose one of them to speak, the studio audience began to cheer loudly.

This had never happened in the history of the ‘Get Your Million Pound Show’.  Now the was a shout of “Share, share, Share ” coming from the audience.  The producers were confused but saw the benefit of fair play and the effect this would have on their ratings and gave each contestant £500,000.