News Flash: It Ain’t About Them

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I would like to pass along a riveting piece of advice an dear elder of mine in AA shared with me some years ago.  She didn’t share it nicely but she did share it with love and good intention.  The love was to propel me to be honest with myself and the intention was to shatter a false reality I had lived with most of my life.  Her missions were accomplished and then some.  I have never looked at the type of thoughts and behaviours in question the same since then, and have been able to change many of my actions around them because of her.  For that, I remain forever grateful.

News Flash:   People Pleasing Isn’t About Them – It’s About You

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Nature does it best

The autumn evening show was about to begin above the Village Green, just as it happens every year, no one knows the time exactly but they were ready for it .  All day people had been coming from near and far in cars,  caravans, trains, on bikes and on foot.  There were tourists filling the hotels and Hostels as well as the Bed and Breakfast places.  A roaring trade was going on for the Airbnb company as householders were prepared to camp out so they could make a bob or two.  Many friendships were made.

The Village Clock Tower emitted the sound of the chimes as the clock struck  at 6 p.m.  This was suddenly followed by a low murmuration  which increasingly got louder.  Heads turned and eyes looked upwards to see more than 100,000 starlings in their phenomenal acrobatic dance and loops.  This went on for a good long time and all took photographs of this magical entertainment, nature had given the starlings the spotlight.

The Wedding of the year

The bride and groom walked towards each other nervously because they hadn’t seen each other since the night they arranged with their cousins to be chaperoned, meet and talk.  This was frowned upon by the older members of their families and they were strictly forbidden to meet again.  The funny thing, they work together at the hospital, even the workplace they were watched and talking of anything else but their jobs was difficult.  They were in love and were prepared to go through this for the two weeks before their wedding.  A compromise had been made and theirs was a traditional cum modern marriage, it was not totally arranged.

Luckily the preparations for the wedding was gathering pace so this kept everyone busy.  Each day presents kept arriving to the bride’s parents’ house.

Meetings for the smooth running of this event was taking place among those delegated with roles to manage specific areas.  Of course, the hard work for the wedding of the year was compensated by the excitement it was creating in the whole town.


Silence is broken

The desolate island had a secret, the intimidating rocks surrounding it made most people keep away from it. Its centre was like paradise. Of course, there is always one adventurous person who would go where no one dare go.  He was Commodore C. Hgou, who recently had his Battleship decommissioned from the Navy.  His desire to find some place where no one else would be paid off.  He needed to have distance between him  and human contact.  Well, the thing is he forgot to turn off his high tech mobile.  The silence he so wanted was broken by rock music ringtone.


Happy winners

How would you like it, if you automatically get entered in every competition you set your eyes on?  Wouldn’t that be so funny?  Actually it might be frightening too because you would think it is almost science fiction. The number of people  reading newspapers and watching television are numerous,  and if every one was entered in the competitions there would be many surprised winners.  Happy winners nonetheless too, as everyone likes to be a winner.


Panoply of Chinese Art

My visit to the library always involved me going to the little art space where a donation by a generous citizen formed a panoply of Chinese Art.  These consisted of items from The Ming Dynasty.  The ceramics, plates, figurines and many other choice well made antiques was a gem to have here, especially when you didn’t have to go far to see something that would normally be in National of Private Museums.

I suppose it was good while it lasted because they were sold off.