I wonder who woke them up

When they all fell into a trance

I am used to seeing on TV

There is someone who shakes

Or slaps the person out of the trance

But now there was no one

So they all ay there till morning

With the rain beating down on them.


Do you recite nursery rhymes to yourself?  I mean do they just pop up in your head anytime at all?  Whether children are around or not it happens, although may be it’s just me and I can’t get them out of my head.  I can’t say I have one favourite one, there are so many.

One thing I find is learning rhymes help with active memory.  What do you think?

Similar foods-Harvest time

South Africa has given me the content of my post today.  I am looking at a beautiful vista, the background is the beautiful blue of the sea, and set on the grassland is the fields of maize, the cattle enclosure and the colourful huts.  The culture of keeping cows for various reasons to use for ceremonies as well as food.

I was intrigued by the use of amasi with grainy-looking mealie meal made from maize.  This is infact crumbly and is called umphokohqo.

In Ghana it’s Kpokpoi and Togo has a similar food made from maize and in the former it is eaten with  Grilled Fish and Palm soup. In the latter it’s eaten with Grilled Fish or Chicken Soup and Boiled Chopped Okro.

Historically, it is soon the season for cooking this to celebrate Thanksgiving for having a good harvest after a time of hunger for the Ga and associate tribes, before they settled in the West Coast of Africa



I like to listen to different genres of music and occasionally a symphony orchestra can be just the thing to relax with.  With the radio you only need to turn the dial or use whatever latest control you have to hear the music.  On the television don’t only hear the music but you also see the players and the audience and enjoy the entertainment..  The Proms is the big show to soak up all that can make a summer evening joyous in London for lovers of symphony music.

Just picture me sitting on the sofa