Summer-like days of Easter

I hope everyone had a good Easter. Over here, contemplating the goodness of Christ Jesus amid hot summer-like days to was a bonus and a blessing. While prayers of peace was on many minds for others it was not so.

Causing havoc with terror is unwarranted. May those hurt find some peace. Amen

Wow it’s my 3rd Birthday with WordPress

Wow, what a ride! Each letter is so important as we need it to form a word. Words form sentences which go on to become stories, poems, discussions, recipes, reviews, news etc, etc. What a wonderful opportunity to be able to indulge in my hobby.

Most of all I have met some lovely people. Cheers to all.

April is filled up for you, the former and latter rain blessings meet

How awesome is that! Such a lot of blessings to behold. Why do you use an umbrella? Of course, it’s to keep you dry from the rain. So bear with me, if you don’t have anything to collect your blessings with, imagine turning your umbrella upside down. Do you have a receptacle?

Next dip into your April blessings and collect what is yours. Now you may be thinking, how much can this receptacle hold? It depends! How many times do you want to dip in into the word of God, the Bible.

Stay Blessed! Stay on Him with love, using all your heart, soul, mind, strength and don’t forget to be good to your neighbour. God has got the whole world in his hands. Use your talents to be creative, inventive and helpful.