Fun game

I’m a puff of cloud


In  a smoke go puff and


What are you talking about?


Just children playing make-believe



Who’s pedigree?

How we like our dogs

Some love their dogs

For man’s best friend

Looks up to us

We stroke the head

We stroke the back

We run in the park

Together we have fun

Man is proud of dog’s pedigree

Does dog think of man’s pedigree?


Duel- The Three Musketeers

As I watched the film of Three Musketeers, I laughed at the antics of the young man, who had come to Paris to join them.  He so wanted to be a Musketeer that he was challenging anyone he had a disagreement with to a duel, actually there were four men.  And for the coincidence, who do you think were the majority he would be fighting, The Three Musketeers.

I know it was an adventure-com but I still thought it was well written and acted.  Despite his seemingly blundering ways he got to the right people after all.  He became an ally not a foe and there was no duel.  Isn’t it funny how things sometimes work out for good.