SIWO Global News 10th November 2018 #210

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The rise in the export of cheetah cubs to the United Arab Emirates has angered many and campaigners have called for cross-border forces to work together to stop the smuggling rings. Every year about 300 cubs were taken from country in the Horn of Africa to the wealthy UAE countries where it is seen as objects of wealth. 11 cubs were rescued in the last two months. The Namibia research and lobby institution, a charity called Cheetah Conservation Fund is help in Somalia.

The posting of the cubs social media is proving an attraction but the Technology firms are not doing enough to stop the wrongful acts.

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SIWO Global News 8th November 2018 #206

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Another Massacre In The United States Of America

A man wearing a black trench-coat fired 30 times into a night club where hundreds of students were dancing the night away.  He started off by throwing smoke bombs to panic the group who were line dancing at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, a suburb of Los Angeles.  12 people died including a hero police officer, who had gone in to confront the gunman.  The Police Chief was overcome with emotion at the loss of all the young people whose parents has had their hearts broken and praised his officer as a dedicated comrade and friend whose wife had been talking  her husband minutes before he went into the club.  The identity of the gunman is still not known.

Prince Charles Tells Us His 70th Birthday That, As King His Views Will Not Meddle Or Oppose Government

A BBC documentary, Prince, Son\, And Heir: Charles At 70, shows him as a player on the world stage with the ability to speak his mind on subjects like human rights and religious affairs.  What he says does carry weight although he doesn’t always see eye to eye with politicians.  He is just doing the diplomatic role of having meetings with and corresponding with politicians, high commissioners and ambassadors to help the Queen and the government.  He will still write to ministers but it will be for their eyes only.  Prince Charles has ruled out being a “meddling monarch” when he succeeds to the throne,saying “I am not stupid.”

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“You Have To Expect Things Of  Yourself Before You Can Do Them.”

by Michael Jordan


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SIWO Global News 7th November 2018 #205

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Women Make History At The US Primaries As ‘Firsts’

In the mid-terms there was a number of significant ‘firsts’ for minorities  and women.   Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is a Democrat with Puerto Rico roots, the former bartender became the youngest at 29, to be elected to Congress.  She celebrated in Queens, New York and said, “We have made history tonight.” 

The first Muslim women were also elected, the two both Democrats were for the House: Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib,42, the daughter of Palestinian immigrants and for Minnesota Ilhan Omar, 36, a refugee from Somalia.  Two Native-Americans women also won as first to get into Congress, they are Sharice Davids for Kansas City and Debra Haaland for New Mexico 1st District. 

72,396 Figures In Calico Shrouds Made To Remember Western Front Soldiers

Artist Rob Heard spent three and half years hand-sewing the figures to represent Commonwealth servicemen who died and their bodies were never found after the Battle of Somme. These have been laid out at the Olympic Park in a temporary memorial.  Thousands of them can be seen, each made specific to a name, the idea of making them came to him after injuring his hands in a car crash and knew his woodcarving career was over.  He also knew that feeling sorry for himself was not on when soldiers were coming back from Iraq without arms and legs .  

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“November is the month to remind us to be thankful for the many positive things happening in our lives.”


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SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

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A Lovely and Happy December

Once upon a time December was not a lovely month for me.  My mind made it so, then I played a trick and turned it, to a lovely  and happy December.  Just because I always remember it, as the month of intense loneliness away from my family doesn’t mean it should spoil all my Decembers.  It is good to relieve someone’s life pressure with a smile, a chat or kind words.  May be dropping canned foods, period items or gifts and while doing this you forget your problems or they become smaller than they were.  

Have a Lovely and Happy December.  Sending you all lots love.