Here’s your Standing Ovation


The room is too small for the people clapping for you,

My garden is definitely too small,

Come to think of it the park is small too,

We are too far apart to be in close proximity,

So let’s continue standing where we are to clap for each other,

Giving a standing ovation to all of us,

Because despite trials and tribulations,

We have come through to end of year,

Blogging through the year,

Where ever our starting line was,

We persevered as wordsmiths.

We encouraged and supported,

We pondered and questioned,

We disagreed  and agreed,

We learnt and taught,

We met wonderful people,

Interesting ones too.

Authors, Guest Authors,

Change makers, Friends,

Here’s your Standing Ovation.

Fresh -a -retreat


A retreat cleanses your body,

A retreat cleanses your mind,

Enables your soul to be cleansed,

Enables your spirit to be cleansed,

In the scheme of things it feels fresh,

In the bounty of life we start afresh,

Open your heart let your prayer flow,

Open your eyes and let your vision glow,

Unity of your senses awaken,

Unity of your purpose not to be taken.

Calm of the sea

The calm of the sea was deceiving because the currents underneath, where our eyes didn’t reach was very fast.  As we struggled to swim to the shore a family of dolphins came by and helped us.  Nudging us with their noses, it tickled but it was no time to laugh rather a time to be grateful and we truly were.   What an act of love and caring and we can learn a lot from this.