Sulphur fields


Sulphur can be so pungent, I remember in the science lab at school, oh how everyone held their nose to stop breathing in the unpleasant smell.

Well, fast forward many, many years and on television I saw a sulphur field and the people who live near it.  I wondered how they managed with it.  I suppose you just have to, especially if it gives an income to the community.

Truthful children


The children looked guilty,  all the cakes had gone and only crumbs could be seen forming a trail, then it was finished.  It led no where, so questions had to be asked to find the culprit or culprits.  “Which one of you took the cakes and ate them all?” said their Dad and Mum trying to elicit the truth from them.

To the surprise of their parents this wasn’t going to be hard at all because all the children raised their hands.  A truthful lot they were.