Fearless courage of a child 

It takes courage to say yes,

It takes courage to say no,

Developing in age in years

Developing in age in nought

To regain something we easily utter

To regain the one thing a child easily mutters.

United Nations of Costumes 

The costume showed off the cultures of the university students.  It made for a colourful event when each nation’s name was called out and its citizens came in their resplendent in the national clothes.

It was a United Nations of Costumes.  Laughter could be heard all over and it made me wonder why ever would there be wars.  There is nothing wrong with having rose-tinted glasses mixed with hope for a better world.


The conjured performance of tricks went down well with the crowd.  Sweets and balloons were popping up out of jacket pockets and landing in the laps of the amused audience.

No one comes away from Mr Fenton, the Magician’s show empty-handed.