Hello you BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLIES,  I hope you are all very well..

My intention behind why I have decided to write this post is because I know that within all of our lives at some point we won’t be happy or inclined to work for something that we truly do believe that we can achieve it may be that certain aspiration that you have been wanting to reach for so many years…  AND you have been working for years on this certain dream and nothing is working so you just GIVE UP! But your dreams and aspirations won’t be reaching for you.. You have to reach for it.. I have written another blog that may be of some interest to you. BELIEVE ACHIEVE SUCCEED!

Within our lives we all go through things that we sometimes never know if we are ever going to be able…

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Who is depressed?

No need to struggle alone

Weighing down your life is a loan

A liability of financial disability

When young and strong with ability

You carry on any work load

And you visualise success on any road

What?  You beat your chest to question

Who is depressed? Is that the question?

I look around and count my blessings

I have money tied up, up dressing

My wardrobe, my home, my cars

And I turn them into gold bars

With satisfaction I pay off my loan

I’m spatially designed for freedom alone

Susanna Dziworshie