Looking at the clouds, come sun or rain.


When the sun comes out,

Out in the park,

Out in the garden,

Out in the fields,

People lie on their backs to gaze at the clouds.

In the sailing ship,

In the family car,

In the aeroplane,

People sit to gaze at the clouds.

Why do we do it?

Even in rain, in snow, in hail and in storm.

I like to have fun searching for shapes that look like objects,

Others look for colours in the clouds,

While some find peace in looking at them,

Now why do you look at the clouds?


Age of Wishes


I wish to be a tourist who travels the world,

To see The Seven Wonders of the world.

That ages and man harmonised to leave us a monument.

I wish to be a tourist who travels the world,

To see all The World Heritage Sites.

The age of this woman would increase on the journey.

I wish to be a tourist who travels the world,

To see The Highest Mountains of this earth.

The aged  feet of this woman would not stand at the summit.

I wish to be a tourist who travels the world,

To see The Best Hotels in the world.

The age  of wisdom would help me review them.



I like to travel over rivers and see the span of water dotted with boats, barges and people swimming or fishing.  My first experience was travelling on the ferry over the lower Volta River in southern Volta Region of Ghana.  I was probably about five years of age.  I remember the water splashing over my feet and my shoes as we walked onto the platform that led into the ferry.  This was before The Sogakope Bridge was built, after that it all got very easy  because Dad could drive us to see my grandparents without me getting my feet wet.  There was a toll to pay though, in order to keep the bridge maintained.

The other bridge I became familiar with is The Adomi Bridge, this is a suspension bridge situated nearer the middle of this river, which run from the north of the country to the south and enters the Atlantic Ocean. The Adomi Bridge is closer to The Akosombo Dam, the latter then the main source of hydro-electricity for the country.  It was the one used when I had to cross the river to and from school.  This area had the best smoked oysters ever and there were disappointed faces if I came home without a parcel of these choice delicacy.

For years I passed by the towns and villages and the children who were playing stopped to wave to us, as children do.  We bought earthenware, fruits like oranges, pawpaw, avocado, guava and pineapple and a variety of  vegetables such as tomatoes, garden eggs, okro, cabbage, peppers and leafy greens from farmers and traders. We saw families sitting by their open fires cooking or socialising but they were all just faces like we were to them.

It wasn’t until one of my holiday trips from London, that I came close to the people who lived by the river and their livelihood depended on it, by farming near the river, fishing in the water and using the fine clay dug at the riverbank to make nice earthen ware.  Our driver who made that journey frequently was acquainted with them and when my daughter and I caught a glimpse of water through a gap in the houses, we were astonished how close they lived to the river. Our driver asked us if we would like to see the river close up.  Of course we both jumped at the chance.  He stopped the car and we went towards the houses.  We formally greeted a lady he knew and he asked permission for us to see the river. The lady and the rest of the householders were so friendly and happy.

Wow! we couldn’t believe the beauty of the environment they lived in.  Not far from them was a riverside Guesthouse. What was really fantastic was that with my naked eyes I saw an oxbow, the U-shaped body of water, something I had read about and only seen in books and on television.  Here it was right in front of me.  Our impromptu hosts were surprised we were leaving so soon.  We promised to come back. I am sure we will one day.  For now I’m happy to be seeing The Thames whenever I travel into London.



From zillion to zero?


Have you been deprived of anything?

Was it the use of your thumbs?

Where did it go?

Were you able to get it back?

Were you able to use your hands easily?

Were you able to pick up your cup of tea or coffee?

You realised how valuable the thumbs are to the hands.

Have you been deprived of anything?

Was it the use of  your voice?

Where did it go?

Were you able to get it back?

Were you able to communicate easily?

Were you able to say ‘I love you’?

You realised how valuable your voice is to you, family, friends and the world.

Have you been deprived of anything?

Was it the  use of your mind?

Where did it go?

Were you able to get it back?

Were you able to think clearly?

Were you able to go about your daily life happily?

You realised how valuable your mind is to your wholesomeness

Have you been deprived of anything?

Was it your use of your qualifications and experience?

Where did it go?

Were you able to get it back?

Were you able to work?

Were you able to earn a living wage or a fair wage?

You realised how valuable qualifications are to experience.

Have you been deprived of anything and you got it back?

Was it by the use of brute strength not violence?

Was it by the use of exercise?

Was it by the use of diplomacy?

Was it by the use of inspiring and aspiring thoughts?

Was it by the use of prayers?

Whatever is pulling at you, don’t let your life go from zillion to zero.

How green is my garden-HELP


My fence is partly broken, let’s say a couple of planks have come loose and it has been a doorway for the local cats and a family of foxes who live in the alley way.  They have become so chilled that they lie to sunbathe on the grass or the roof of the shed. No amount of shooing gets their notice.  Even sometimes we wonder why we have not seen the Ginger cat or the Black and White cat.  They have become part of the garden.

I am glad for the part the garden that does not have a fence, that is of course above the trees, shrubs and plants because it has brought butterflies, bees, birds and wind-blown seeds.  One way or another they have brought new plants into the garden.  I love the holly, the dog rose, the elderflower, blackberry etc, etc, etc but there are others that are stifling my beautiful roses. I used to get out there in the morning and spend the day dealing with it, when it became difficult I paid for it to be done.  Now I will be giving away an equivalent of someone’s  month’s pay for a day’s work. I think it’s ridiculous and exorbitant.




Jesus spoke many parables to teach us the way to live good lives. There were also many   prophecies about Him and the most famous being His death and resurrection.  According to the Bible, Prophets of the Old Testament relayed prophecies from God.  Many cultures and religions have their source of prophecies to guide in a good path.

Of course prophecies can be positive or negative, depending on who is speaking it, what their motive is and where they got their source of information from?

As to be believing in prophecy in this age, I think we should seek the face of the Lord and pray for guidance.

Our voyage with a Princess


“Summer is here again, what shall we do” is the question we asked each other. We were planning how to spend the summer, since no one had booked a holiday to Africa, Europe, Caribbean, Malaysia or America.  We were an international group of nursing students and we were in the mood for exploring new lands and taking in new experiences, oh no! not going home at the first opportunity.  What would our families think of us and our use of the independence we have.?  How would we grow into mature young ladies if we didn’t stand on our own two feet?

The decision that won the day was made and it was unanimous.  We were going to be tourists in London.  Technically we were tourists because it’s only been seven months since we arrived in England.  We planned to make a number of voyages in and around London taking in the famous landmarks and sightseeing spots, such as, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and Madame Tussauds.  By joining the official tours in the Big Red Tour Bus we really felt like tourists with the guides giving us accounts of people, buildings and history.  The history we recently learnt had been made real because of the places we saw. We even got special VIP treatment and received the best bus seats and free 5 star lunchboxes and souvenirs sourced from the famous London hamper store.  It surely felt good to be treated so special.

Although we accepted the VIP status we still wondered why, it wasn’t until we noticed the word Princess on their clipboard that the penny dropped.  All this time we never knew we had a real live Princess among us.  And there was no paparazzi in sight to worry us.

I am in awe…


I am in awe of writers, painters, sculptures, singers, composers and all the very many skills and talents that humans have been blessed with.  When I see someone with a focus to work hard and a focus to refine the skill or talent to their best ability, it is even more admirable. Sometimes it is recognised from childhood and exposed to us through the media and that is when we all normally go “aaahhh isn’t that cute.”  Other times it makes a latent appearance when the person is older or an elder.

I believe everyone has their talent and it shouldn’t be kept under a bush.  Just let that little light shine and it will glow and grow bigger to biggest.  And one last thing to remember is, that everyone’s definition of biggest is different.  Seek to give the biggest joy doing what you love and the biggest awe will be directed towards you.

Bountiful memories fill up the empty void


It wasn’t an empty void left,

Even though that’s was how it felt.

The parents who tended to your every need,

As a child starting the university of life directed by the Dean.

For that’s how it seemed in your eyes,

Because in your teens you often wanted to have your say.

But you were mostly expected to obey their points of view,

Causing no love lost between you and loosening the bond of weave.

As you got older and realised you were special to them,

You do everything too to show how much they meant.

You wonder how you could make up the time that slip,

But time and time waits for no man, becomes a bitter pill.

Memories of them are what you have left,

A bountiful lot to cherish and it is deeply heartfelt.