Duel- The Three Musketeers

As I watched the film of Three Musketeers, I laughed at the antics of the young man, who had come to Paris to join them.  He so wanted to be a Musketeer that he was challenging anyone he had a disagreement with to a duel, actually there were four men.  And for the coincidence, who do you think were the majority he would be fighting, The Three Musketeers.

I know it was an adventure-com but I still thought it was well written and acted.  Despite his seemingly blundering ways he got to the right people after all.  He became an ally not a foe and there was no duel.  Isn’t it funny how things sometimes work out for good.




How meaningless the sound of the music,

When each generation create their beat,

Another generation thinks it’s a racket,

Deafening to the ears, disturbing to the mind,

Would you turn that thing off!

Would you turn that racket down!

The response

Up Up Up or Down Down Down

Is the power of the dial.


Frederick Asher was the toast of the town, the art exhibition at the prestigious Midler Concorde Museum had art enthusiasts queuing round the block to take a look at the Minimalist work of this unique artist.  He had brought a new dimension  to the world of art.

His personal experience has been translated to work on canvass.  It was well appreciated by the audience who voted him ARTIST OF THE YEAR.

Quiz ends well

The atmosphere was tense in the studio, and in all the houses around the country,  This was the final of the quiz show that had the nation talking, tweeting and arguing.  Both contestants were extremely good and people were divided as to who they wanted to win.

Gabriel had both hands on his buzzer.  April settled for the one hand position. There was no hesitation, both hit their buzzers at the same time according to the scientific measurements installed for fairness and transparency. They both shouted out the correct answer before the host could choose one of them to speak, the studio audience began to cheer loudly.

This had never happened in the history of the ‘Get Your Million Pound Show’.  Now the was a shout of “Share, share, Share ” coming from the audience.  The producers were confused but saw the benefit of fair play and the effect this would have on their ratings and gave each contestant £500,000.


Model baby boy

The baby was so well dressed, all eyes were on him and his parents.  Was it the little man’s birthday that he had  his mini designer suit on?  Then one lady in her fifties plucked up the courage and  asked.  “Is it your boy’s birthday? It’s so nice to see you take time with his appearance, most people don’t bother anymore.”

“Oh no, we are going to a photo shoot,” said the boy’s Dad.