A jolt, a song and a Birthday breakfast.


I felt the jolt, as I was in deep sleep I thought it was a dream.  Then came another and another, so it wasn’t a dream after all.  I distinctively heard children’s voices singing “Happy Birthday to you Mum, Happy Birthday to you Mum ” and they added their own verse, “Wake up and eat your breakfast”.  At this point I started yawning and stretching, with the aroma of a delicious English Breakfast and the children’s happy faces, I didn’t need any convincing.  I thanked, hugged and kissed each of them and winked at my husband who had supervised their morning endeavours.

Sunday Coffee Time

Filter the coffee, pour the nectar into cups, mix with warm milk.  Oh your honey is ready, so is your hot croissant.  Now enjoy, you are home and it’s Sunday, no need for a queue!

Relaxing is one of the few things we find quite difficult to do.  Make up your mind to learn how to relax.  Its good for you.

Reap results

Yes, with training knowing how to be specific becomes easier.   Is this really true?  Let’s apply it to two people baking a cake and using the same recipe but the cakes don’t ever look  or taste the same?  They have specific measurements to go by, the method to be used is also the same.  Inevitably, when baking or cooking we do slightly different things in the process of the task.

The other instance is asking for things, this can be daunting for some people to do.  I admit to being like that because I just want to get on with things myself.  However, when you get specific about what you are asking for, its direct and concise and you can reap good results.


Relaxing time

There’s nothing better than relaxing after a hard day’s work, after a good exercise at the gym, after getting the children to sleep when you’ve all been on a day out or caring for them at home.  The last but not the least is that relaxing time after cooking the Christmas dinner, enjoying with the family and settling in, yes not on but in the sofa,.

Oh, did I forget the presents, well open them. Come on!  We are thankful.


Fish for supper.

The children stood fishing as they always did on Saturdays.  The bridge was their favourite spot, although they all had caught fish it was months and months ago.  Things would be different today.  Sal said he felt it, everyone knew when Sal felt something the day would turn out to be interesting.

Just then one by one each of them had a bite and caught a big fish.  They walked down from the bridge happily singing their hearts out.  Their mothers were also happy to have food to cook for supper.Fishing