Better decisions

Hip replacement was a topic in the news recently.  A Health Authority refusing this procedure in order to cut costs is terrible.  I remember as a student nurse how much difference it made to many people, usually the older population after periods of pain, discomfort and immobility.

I would wish these decision makers to reassess this situation and find other ways to save money.  I say, look at cutting down on wastage to improve quality of life.


Beautiful yellow daffodils

Soon spring will here and we shall see lots of yellow daffodils in our gardens, paths, parks, window boxes and places our green fingers can extend and cultivate.  It’s good to look forward to the colours of springtime.

By now the bulbs should have been planted.  The best thing about these flowers and many others like it are once they are in good soil they will bloom year after year.


Happy winners

How would you like it, if you automatically get entered in every competition you set your eyes on?  Wouldn’t that be so funny?  Actually it might be frightening too because you would think it is almost science fiction. The number of people  reading newspapers and watching television are numerous,  and if every one was entered in the competitions there would be many surprised winners.  Happy winners nonetheless too, as everyone likes to be a winner.


Sunday Coffee Time

Filter the coffee, pour the nectar into cups, mix with warm milk.  Oh your honey is ready, so is your hot croissant.  Now enjoy, you are home and it’s Sunday, no need for a queue!

Relaxing is one of the few things we find quite difficult to do.  Make up your mind to learn how to relax.  Its good for you.

The Adjudicator

The Adjudicator collected the the exam papers and the answer sheets.  He sat at the desk and started to put them in order according to the Examination Numbers given to the engineering students.  He noticed one particular answer sheet was lighter than the others.  Retreating to a memory in his past, he didn’t realise he spoke out his thought loud enough for everyone to hear.  “Oh no, it’s happened again.”

The students who were still in their seats all looked towards him for an explanation or reassurance of his sudden outburst.  He continued to look through the question papers.  One had a sheet missing and the student who got that paper answered fewer questions than the rest.  A particular oversight had occurred along a chain from the printing to the receipt of the paper on the day of the examination.     What a confusion!