Motors honk pollution?

There are many countries with a problem of noise pollution.  This has come about through the honking of the motor cars by the drivers.  While on holidays I had personal experience of this in Ghana.  But I have since read, that the but I about the situation in India, Nigeria and Egypt.  I understand it is much worse.  No doubt there are other countries with the same problem too.  Statistically I wonder how many vehicles are on the road each day.

Why honk?

I reckon it is done so other vehicles and pedestrians not only give way but get out of the way too.  In some cases drivers do honk and have to give way to animals like cattle in India and in Africa the animals found on Safari.  Efforts to cut down on the noise pollution have been tried, for example, in Lagos, Nigeria, a ‘No Honk Day’ was very welcome and many people agreed it would be beneficial.  The article I read reports people haf suffered deafness from being in the environment.  They were traders trying to make a livelihood.  The Top 10 noisest cities in the world according to are 

  • Karachi, Pakistan 
  • Shanghai, China 
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina 
  • New York, New York 
  • Madrid, Spain 
  • Tokyo, Japan 
  • Delhi, India
  • Cairo, Egypt 
  • Kolkata, India
  • Mumbai, India 

    Popular discovery 

    Learning how to cook is so popular nowadays.  I am so happy to say it’s neophytes to this skill are not just microwave meals.  Fresh produce is being appreciated.  Foods from all four corners of the world are sourced and used Rather than being looked at as strange.

    Knowledge is definitely power.  Power to know that the ubiquitous avocado of tropical climates is full of goodness.  This is found in the form of monosaturated days, lots of fibre, vitamins and minerals such as B-Vitamins, Vitamin K, potassium, copper, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Folate, Water and Protein.

    When I was young could eat avocado all day, well any time of the day.  It went with bread, yam, cassava as a snack or as a side dish to meals like Grilled or Fried Fish or Meat, Fresh blended peppers and Kenkey, Apkle or Banku.  I couldn’t eat avocados but now I found a way and it’s back on my menu.  So in a way, I am also a neophyte to cooking with avocado.


    Dance with me

    Love dancing? 

    I do!

    What joy it gives!

    Sing and dance 

    By yourself,

    Or with a partner

    Or a group. 

    Joy indeed! 
    A night out,

    Dancing cheek to cheek.

    The Big Band Sound

    Takes us down memory lane,

    As we hold each other

    And sway to the music 

    My husband and I

    Rekindling our love.

    That’s how we met,

    He liked how I danced,

    I liked how he danced

     That was the attraction,

    We danced all night,

    And talked all day

    We still continue to dance.


    Panacea of cures,

    Hear me! Hear me!

    I have the one,

    You’ve been waiting for,

    Here you come, Here you come 

    To collect the magic cure,

    Is it your pain or your faith,

    That draws you to want to

    Try and resolve your problem?

    Watch out! Watch out!

    Placebo! Placebo!

    Nothing but placebos.

    Luck in Loveliness Street 

    Neighbours to the left,

    Neighbours to the right,

    I am stuck in the middle,

    A kind of comfortable place,

    To be with no edginess.

    When the wind blows

    And bends the walls 

    Houses shape into a horseshoe,

    Still luck is with me

    Flowing making waves,

    Getting us closer and talking

    All so friendly with each other,

     No isolation like we often see

    In my street,your street, our street

    Because we made a change happen,

    We said, “enough is enough, no more of

    Loneliness Street it’s Loveliness Street.

    What a mystery!

    A mystery just occurred, the post I was writing has just vanished.  I wanted to get it published before the 2nd. But that’s not going to happen now.  So I shall use this opportunity to say thank you for the patience of all my followers and readers.  I haven’t been able to write consistently but you hang on in there in blogosphere and enjoyed my catch up writing over the last few days.

    Welcome  too, to all my new followers whom I haven’t thanked individually.  To all, have a superb day or night whatever time it is at yours.  God Bless.