New man

Thanks to the gyms on nearly every street corner, you can’t go far without meeting a ‘buff’ guy.  Good to see that they are health conscious. The healthy food ethos is also in the mix for their lifestyle.

I am using ‘buff’, the London ting, youth language for someone who looks fine,  fit and muscular.  What they don’t have is the penchant for gold chains that was popular in the nineties.  I think some are more likely to have tattoos.  Though both the heavy chains or tatoos aren’t favourites of mine.

The little boy on the escalator

The little boy disobeyed his mother and ran up the escalator before she could grap hold of his hand. She tried to catch  up with him but his little legs were too fast and his exuberance came out in bursts of laughter.  The escalator got the better of him though, as it was one of the tallest in the station.  He soon got tired and started to cry.  A kind hearted lady started to speak to him to calm him down.  “Look your Mum is nearly close by,” she said to him.  He hugged his mother so tight, as if he would never let her go.

Not talking to self? Oh no!

It was a peculiar sight to see people talking to themselves in public, and that was not long ago.  Nowadays, you have to take a second look because they might have an earpiece or some other device pinned on.  So, everyone is actually having a good old chinwag.  Now there’s a word I hadn’t thought of for ages.  It’s amazing what’s stored up in our memory.  Back to my chinwag with you and don’t  worry if you get the look because we are all just getting used to the Star Trek and ‘Beam me up Scottie’ lifestyle.

The family journey

Greatly anticipate the joy of a newborn,

The family increases, ties are bonded,

Echoes of joyful youthful sounds,

Create laughter amid the tears,

That come with disagreements.


Greately steer them into adulthood,

The family looks up to them,

Rashness of teenage voices

Calmed by listening ears,

Brings  wisdom that stands like monuments.

By Susanna Dziworshie

(Copyright 2017)