The edible leaf

Salads, stews, soups, smoothie, blends, Tamales, Kenkey, Abolo(Abowlow) Dolmathakia and many more.  Such an abundance and variety of foods we have to enjoy.  We are truly blessed.


Not talking to self? Oh no!

It was a peculiar sight to see people talking to themselves in public, and that was not long ago.  Nowadays, you have to take a second look because they might have an earpiece or some other device pinned on.  So, everyone is actually having a good old chinwag.  Now there’s a word I hadn’t thought of for ages.  It’s amazing what’s stored up in our memory.  Back to my chinwag with you and don’t  worry if you get the look because we are all just getting used to the Star Trek and ‘Beam me up Scottie’ lifestyle.