A jolt, a song and a Birthday breakfast.


I felt the jolt, as I was in deep sleep I thought it was a dream.  Then came another and another, so it wasn’t a dream after all.  I distinctively heard children’s voices singing “Happy Birthday to you Mum, Happy Birthday to you Mum ” and they added their own verse, “Wake up and eat your breakfast”.  At this point I started yawning and stretching, with the aroma of a delicious English Breakfast and the children’s happy faces, I didn’t need any convincing.  I thanked, hugged and kissed each of them and winked at my husband who had supervised their morning endeavours.

Top of the Elevensys/Brunch#2









100 Follows!


Hello everyone, how is your 11 o’clock sit down with your hot or cold drink and snack or meal going? For me it’s a cold dish of a piece of Roast Chicken Drumstick , Grapes, a sneaky piece of the last cake from the pan I rescued from the oven  and Green Tea and  a posh Gently Sparkling bottled water that tastes like tonic.  The latter a gift given to my daughter and  she is sharing it with me.

I just finished sorting out the refuse for recycling and reflecting on yesterday’s Red Velvet cake, it was a matter of “To add beetroot or Not to add Beetroot. That is the question.”   This means because I started with a beetroot recipe, I ended up doing another cake with one.  Last week was the first time I heard my son didn’t like beetroot, no one in the family likes it except me but I thought, baked in a cake should be alright.  Not sure  if like or allergy was in play, when I was reminded of this I decided on the mammoth task of more cakes, enough cake to share out and add to your elevensys.  In the end a 3 tier Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese/Butter/Cream Icing accompanied by Fresh Cherries won the day.  The rest, enough to make another cake is wrapped in the freezer.

It was a busy evening and a quick look at Blog revealed some stats, it was very late and my Publish click was failing so I thought it would be just as good to write it on Top of the Elevensys/Brunch. With the help of all of you dear friends, I have attained some success including that interesting number, 1337,  I keep reading about.  Thanks to all readers of my posts, Grace in Housekeeping, now has 100 follows, and 1337 likes go with Success Inspires’ World and Yipee WordPress staff.  Mr Ngobesing Romanus, if you’re reading this on your little holiday, “Thanks a bunch too.”

Now that the Bank holiday and  is over today I can carry on with my job search and contact offices that I need to sort out various invoices and bills I query.  Lastly, do your occasions bring out the best of memories and the worst of family verbal argy-bargy?   I think I am going to declare Free argy-bargy zone from now on. Have a grand day.


“All the better for seeing you or all the better for talking to you, my dear.”






Good Morning to you on a bright new day of hope and all the better for writing for you my readers because it’s an honour.  The title of this post was popular in 1970s England as part of greeting someone until political correctness came by.  I appreciated it because it translated well from a greeting I had been used to and it helped me feel part of a larger family, happier and motivated to tackle the day and its surprises.  Therefore I was less lonely and homesick. My roots and life, inspirations and aspirations, my professions I was studying and my hobbies become great subjects to talk about.

So wake up and a freshness of air we instinctively breathe in, stretching out with our hands in the air going upwards, outwards or forward in a manner of pushing something out of our way.  Why? Because we want better, so all that is not we as it were we push away with our arms and hands.  Naturally all we all want is a friend, family or someone to talk to, listen to, we want our lives to be better in its totality or in specific aspects of it.  We want better for our marriage, children, family, friendships, neighbour, community, nation and the world.  Prayers and blessings are part of the start to our day and Our Lord God in his agape love takes care of us, but we can’t just want and wish, we have to lead better lives, to witness and do the practical things which shows we have been counting our blessings.  Oh, don;t ever think yours is zero. Using a sentence we now frequently hear, I am going to ask you to do a little survey question.  With 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest, “How many times have you been blessed in your life?”  Please think about this and I will be happy to read your comments if you wish to share.

Some people live with their family and don’t talk to each other.  I have been a guilty party to this act and I soon learnt and practised not to let the sun go down on my anger. (Source: Ephesians 4:26).  I appreciate that, you are there for us to share our thoughts, words and problems, to help each other for the better and to be better.  Have a nice day.







Educate the future makers


Tick tock, the hands are moving on,

Having a clock is useful

For some people it is to wake up on time

In the morning for work,

Or to search with the hope of getting work;

For getting the family ready,

The children need to go to school,

Oh wake up the opportunity for all girls too,

I don’t any boys left out either,

All around the world get them to school,

Educate a child and you educate the future makers.


In response to Daily Prompt: Clock

Good morning

Good morning to you all fellow bloggers and I bless you and wish you well. Have a wonderful day where ever you are in our world.

Yesterday, publishing my  my Daily Prompt post was a task because it kept failing.  I did all that was advised by the information on the Support site.  In the end with my eyelids so heavy with sleep, I turned everything off and decided to try the next day.  Has anyone else had this problem and what worked for you, to get it back?

Hurray! All is well this morning and I hope you enjoy reading ‘I wonder’ as much as I enjoy reading all your great posts.  Susanna. #reaching out.