A book I love to read

Great Expectations, What a book!,

Every page revealed an exciting episode,

The plot was so simple,

The journey so intricate,

The good, the bad, the indifferent,

Were all characters we visualised,

We critically weighed them,

Their actions and motions,

Interactions and emotions,

Their purpose and assignations,

All in all the enjoyment each folio gave,

An urge to read cover to cover,

An urge to be writer and enthral readers.Expectation


The table was laden with all different types of food, it all looked delicious.  Apparently the piece de resistance was the accompanying World of Relish package prepared by a well known chef, a connoisseur of relish.  Guess what happened, he lost their order!  What a disappointment for the guests who had paid tickets to attend this event!  

The chef’s reputation was at stake, so back to the kitchen he went, to prepare their order and deliver it himself.  With Compliments of the Chef there were little packages of assorted relish they could take home.  All ended well.




I have been receiving this message for some time now, “Be bold, be daring, be published.”  I took a few steps towards it but then always put others first and my steps slowed down.

My writing is to encourage myself and others so I shall now:

“Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.”   Isaiah 60: 1.  As we continue reading verses 2 and 3 and we find more that helps and empowers. Amen.


A Review of an Expert Show: The Royal Edinburgh Tattoo 2016

I am sitting here for some some experts to entertain me.  This is The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2016 with its magnificent backdrop, Edinburgh Castle.  I knew I was in for a treat and I wasn’t disappointed with Massed Pipes and Drums, Marching and Drill Bands, Highland Dancers, plus Daredevil Motor-back Riders from Hackney made up the United Kingdom contingent.

Guest Military Bands from around the globe participated.  I enjoyed the Nepalese Dancers who accompanying their Military  Band with poise.  This was followed by The US Army Europe Band and Choir starting with The Big Band Sound and Swing songs.  Elvis Presley tunes wasn’t going to be left out because everyone wanted to be ‘All shook up’ . Yeah! Yeah! you should have seen me singing, with the aid of subtitles, the words ‘Freedom’ ‘Freedom’ to the song ‘Think’ from Aretha Franklin’s famous song list.

Off we went to The Band and Drill Team of the Jordanian Armed Forces, their Horsemanship was second to none.  Jazzy tunes from  The New Zealand Army band started and ended their show with songs from known Musicals.  A well performed traditional Haka was slotted in the middle and  I don’t think many people were frightened by it though.

His Majesty The King’s Guard from Norway made up of young people doing a one year military service, expertly learnt such coordination of their drill skills, drumming and playing their musical instruments, it was a joy to watch. Accompanied by pyrotecnics enactments of drills used by military bands in war time brought more excitement to the show.

An assembly of different Royal Guards and The Household Guards and bringing out the Royal Coach signalled the ending of an evening’s entertainment.   I shall just have to catch up with the end later as the channel was changed while on live pause button but I think we’ve got most of it.  Has that ever happened to you? It’s not planned but somehow, every year I am in the right place to watch this show and there is always something new and this year the theme appears to be celebration of Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday.