Who’s pedigree?

How we like our dogs

Some love their dogs

For man’s best friend

Looks up to us

We stroke the head

We stroke the back

We run in the park

Together we have fun

Man is proud of dog’s pedigree

Does dog think of man’s pedigree?


Avid Reader

The bedside table of an avid reader,

Is never without a book or two.

The bestseller list

Would not exist

Without the avid reader.

The Reading Club would be

Quiet, the avid reader

Is also socialising.


Give and Take

“Thank you for the good genes, look at my toned arm after my tennis games, said the daughter to her mother.

“You are welcome and I am glad I could be of help”, mother replied tongue in cheek.

“Aisha, Aisha please come over,” mother called.

“Why do you keep calling my name like I am a young child?” Aisha grunted.

“Isn’t that a strange thing to say, it is your name after all and I have to say it to call you, if I didn’t, you would say no one is communicating with you” concluded mother.

“All in the name of symbiotic relationship, I guess”, said the opinionated Aisha.