Share Best Sandwich Ever- Competition


Let’s make it a Sandwich Competition,

Everyone is a winner,

Free entry, Free Winner,

John Montague, determined to win,

Caught by the gaming -table bug,

Eating slices of Cold Beef placed between slices of Toast,

Who? You know the 4th Earl of Sandwich started it all,

For 24 hours he did it and must have enjoyed it.

Cheers to you too if you enjoy your best Sandwich ever,

You need to share it though,

Automatically YOU ARE A WINNER!

Let’s hear from you.

It’s okay, for traditional sandwich, as well as a Roll, Baguette etc.

What’s mine you ask?

A Baguette drizzled with Olive Oil,

Sun-dried Tomatoes and olive halves,

Layer of Cos lettuce, slices of Tomatoes,

And Cucumber dabbed with little German dressing,

Layer of slices of Barbecue Chicken,

A touch of English Mustard.

Yum! Yummy!


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