It’s just a little thing

It’s just a little thing

 Full of useful little things

That can be used to make a difference

 I used to cook my meals from fresh ingredients

I used to get compliments of the food being delicious

I used to hear, “ooh it not the same taste, something is missing,”

I used to play board games, enjoy the fun of it and work together with respect

I used to win and sometimes lose but still look forward to the next game

I used to make paper mache and watch the delight on young faces

I used craft skills to cut-out drawings even if a horse looked like a cat and we laughed

From all these things we learnt what ingredients work well together and was nutritious

From all these things we learnt manual dexterity

From all these things we learnt how to express ourselves

From all these things we learnt to accept success or failure and got better

From all these things we learnt perfection does not always matter

From all these things we learnt how to assess and make decisions

From all these things we learnt how to laugh at self and with family

It’s just a little thing

Full of useful little things that each one needs in order to venture into the big wide world and make a difference

By Susanna Dziworshie (copyright Nov 2018)

Significance of Festivals



Being an Indian has always kept me connected to different festivals round the year, and India is indeed a country of festivals. Festivals not only represent traditions and culture but also are indications of unity in diversity. Festivals in India symbolise sharing, rejoicing happiness and erasing sadness from our own lives as well as from the lives of our loved ones.

Celebrating festivals gives us an opportunity to show respect to diversity and dignity. We also learn about ways to celebrate life and fill it with happiness through courage, success, and faith. Festivals help us cherish moments and create memories. Festivals are about twinkling lights, gatherings, delight, and merriment. Festivals also help us get rid off worthless and senseless faults and flaws and emphasize on the true values of life.

Festivals are a celebration of peace, love, and life to the fullest forgetting all…

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SIWO Global News 29th October 2018 #196

Knowledge is Wealth

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UK Chancellor Autumn 2018 Budget

The Chancellor Phillip Hammond has delivered his third budget , he says austerity is coming to an end and the personal allowance threshold at which most people pay tax at 20% is rising from £11,850 to £12,500.  The Higher Rate Income Tax threshold is now from £46,350 to £50,000.  Both will take effect in April and after that increases will follow in line with inflation.

The National Living Wage is to rise by 4.9% from £7.83 to £8.21 an hour in April 2019.  Beer, cider and spirits prices/tax  as well as fuel duty are frozen.  Rising in prices are a packet of 20 cigarettes, a 10 gram pack of cigar, tobacco duty and Remote Gaming Duty.  There was good news for Stamp Duty and Housing, first-time buyers will receive help if buying in shared housing of up to £500,00.  The controversial Universal Credit is here to stay and there is increase in coffers and will hopefully reached the pockets of those who need it.  The State of the Economy shows a downgrading due to the wintry Spring weather, there is to be an increase in the employed and   wages.

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SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Becareful  Be Joyful  Be Peaceful

Our Country

A country known for a green and pleasant land,

Feels like it’s full of voices breaking it up. 

Thank God the Brexit opinions are not a rubble

From which to pick the Leave and Remain, from

Shattered ideologies and nationalistic rhetoric.

That we still have a chance to insert peoples’s lives

Into a narrative that offers hope, balance and equality.

by Susanna Dziworshie (copyright 11/2018)

SIWO Global News 22nd October 2018 #189

Knowledge is Wealth

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Teach First Set To Motivate And Hire Staff From Diverse Backgrounds

The Teacher training scheme to recruit and train more black and ethnic minority candidates into London schools is a campaign launched by Teach First.  The purpose is to increase the number of members of staff from diverse backgrounds in the classrooms and to get them to leadership positions.  The organisation has managed to get top graduates into schools that have been known to be challenging.  Their new “Accelerate” programme is to mentor prospective BAME applicants through the recruitment process.

Teach First has incorporated into their goals, having a diverse workforce so that “children can have role models that reflect our society and that staff rooms are not missing out on different perspectives.”

President Paul Biya Wins Election And Gets Seventh-Term

The 85 year-old Paul Biya has won his seventh term of the office of President with 71.3% of the votes.  However the elections were marred by violence, intimidation and curfew   in the English-speaking part of the country, which counts for a fifth of the 24 million population.   The opposition and the international community do not see the election as a fair one.

Inspirational Story/Quote

“Let Go( Of The Outcome You Desire) And Let God( Manifest His Will)”

I like Julia Attaway’s version


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SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Be Careful   Be Joyful  Be Peaceful


















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































It’s First Sunday in November 2018

Good Morning friends and followers and a Happy First Sunday in November 2018  Wishing you Happy and Blessed Days to a Happy New 2019 Year.

Don’t be irritated by striving,

Because I see you thriving.

Don’t be frustrated by trying,

Because I see you achieving.

Don’t be pulled down by your feelings,

Because I invite you to into my lean-ins.

Don’t be afraid to confront your negatives,

Because I support you to supplant in your positives.

by Susanna Dziworshie (copyright 4th Nov 2018)