Test the Lord


Test the Lord Our God,

That’s what he says in the Bilbe,

Be kind, give and take care

Of yourself and your neighbour’s needs,

And see if he will not take care

Of you and all your needs.

For this I thank the Lord Our God,

In the Name of Jesus as in the Bible.


The Paper and the Rain


Hey facade, what do I write about  you?

If I could draw, I would draw you on a piece of paper,

Cut the paper into pieces,

Then painstakingly place you over the front of the building,

Like pieces of a flimsy Lego fitting perfectly,

Oh! here comes the rain,

Sorry you couldn’t get to see the beautiful facade

Because the rain ruined it.

Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #31

Having my Elevenses of Cornmeal Porridge drizzled with a little Honey, Warm Wholemeal Pitta Bread and Homemade Humus, my thoughts turned to an item in the news yesterday. The report said 74,000 children go hungry everyday in London, and we all know that unfortunately it is also happening in many cities, towns, villages, homes around the world.  At the same time there is so much food wastage.

In London the move is on by social conscious organisations to make sure these surplus foods are not wasted but collected and is able to reach those who need it.   I am glad to be getting the chance to be involved soon. I hate wasting food.  What can you do in your area?

Nan’s Birthday Cakes


“Don’t disagree with me Charlotte because I have been baking longer than you!” Jessie said.

“Well it’s all about following the recipe,” replied Charlotte.

“Isn’t this the same recipe Nan wrote down and has been the family favourite Cake every Sunday,” hmmm went Jessie.

“Girls how are the cakes coming on,” their Mum’s voice came through loud and clear.

It was their Nan’s birthday, Charlotte and Jessie both wanted to show her they could carry on the tradition she started.

Nan walked in and the biggest smile spread all over her face and she disappeared in the arms of her very tall grand daughters.

Unfinished Game

Clara set up the Monopoly table, well it wasn’t as if it had been dismantled for the last fifteen years.  This was unfinished business.  The family had continued to play throughout the years and made notes of their last game so they knew where to pick up, where they left off.  The rest of their family and friends who visited thought Clara and her household were bonkers.

Never did they know what joy, bonding and learning had been gained.  To top it all they got themselves into The Guinness Book of Records for the longest continuous game of Monopoly.  They had the last laugh.

Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #29

Reading a book while having our Elevenses or Brunch is a past-time many of us indulge in.  As grown ups it is a hobby that may have started in our childhood.  There are some children who do not like to read, whatever the reason is, it’s good to encourage them to read. Join them to spend time with them while they read the story books they brought from school and those at home helps.

Being truly involved is to read to them as well, just as they read to us.  I think it takes away the pressure they feel, from the lack of confidence they have or inability to be at the right reading level.  It’s amazing to see the development that they make from the little time we give.  Happy Elevenses/Brunch reading.

I am enjoying Grilled Sausages, New Potatoes, Sliced Carrots to be followed by Fruit and Pineapple Juice while I think of happy times spent reading with my parents and grandparents.

Be the boss of that Panic Button


What panic button have you?

Don’t panic,

When fears grip you,

Whether it rises

From inside of you,

Whether it’s

From outside sources,

Whatever you do,

Let it be,

Dominated by you,

Be the boss,

Accept you feel it,

Denying it keeps it shut up

Only to raise its ugly head

Accept it belongs to you?

No way Jose,

So wave it goodbye,

Because you never wanted it,

In the first place.

It may take a little time,

Accept a little help,

From friends, family,

Be counselled,

Talk and listen,

When its over,

I’m dancing,

Join me.