The Virtuous Woman’s Hope Box

When I think of mother,

I remember a woman,

Who made and bought for a rainy day,

Who was prepared and like

The woman in Proverbs 31:10-31,

The Virtuous Woman,

She was praised by her husband and children,

But ah, there’s one more thing,

Whether an item was fragile or not she would say,

“Take care of that because it’s older than you.”

“How come?” we would ask,

“I bought it before any of you was born,

and I looked after it well so you could use it too” she would reply

The object having come out from her Hope box,

Which she continued to top up,

Buying or making everything useful but not hoarding.


4 thoughts on “The Virtuous Woman’s Hope Box

  1. I believe structure in the day is wonderful. I believe one with some elasticity is needed at times. We want to save something for the next generation, but I don’t. I find that I share things that are treasures, because if I wait to share them, I won’t see the person’s delight when they receive what I have to share. Treasures should be shown, and the right person will come along to need this, or that. I believe the real jewels are people. When they smile, or laugh with glee, I feel they are enjoying life in its highest way. The greatest treasure I share is Christ, because without Him, I am nothing.

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      1. Yes! I’m later replying because I haven’t been on the computer. I just now saw your comment. I believe Christ makes the difference, even with the personality. We are happy, and know the reason why. He is the answer.


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