We wish our deeds seen,

In a world where exposure is vying with salesmanship,

Torments the essence of good taste,

Not defining who we are lets

Extenuating factors to slip by and results in

See me, see me,

See me, see me.

Class, classy, classical.


Class, classy, classical are all words, that have a certain connotation of pomp about them. We celebrate with them. They bring a certain feeling that makes most of us instinctively want to lift up our heads, shoulders, arms, hands and our whole body rises higher as if it would fly.  We become proud of ourselves because of something we have or inherited or earned or like a skill learnt.

The celebration continues, the ointment is fragrant until we use the nuance of self-importance to annoy or subjugate, when the essence of it is to use it to lift up those around us and the disadvantaged rather than to put them down.  After all none of us can make perfection of our lives, that alone belongs to our Lord God.


Every child has a vision.

When a child says, “I want to be a Doctor when I grow up.”

Or whatever other job a child might say.

Or if “I don’t know what I want to do” is the answer,

That’s a vision.

A gift from Our Lord Our God

Who stirs up that special gift,

Be it specific or exploratory.

He will guide and guard.

Define and refine

Until each child makes his or her way

Towards the calling He has chosen.

He did it for Christ.