Tell me a Story: The Crested Golden Eagle of the Three Kingdoms

I am happy to have completed the story, each part has been continued on the page I started it on, this is the 10th August 2016 Grace in Housekeeping site post.  So instead of searching for it on five different posts in August and September, just go to the one post and you’ll find it there.


Here’s what’s coming! “Tell me a Story”

Once a month I’m going to publish a story under the heading, “Tell me Story.”  This is what my children regularly asked of me.  It was fun doing it and seeing the delight on their faces. In the Blogging fundamentals course I have accepted to do a feature and this is it.

The first instalment is tomorrow, I shall start with a new story I wrote over the X’mas. Well, most are going to be because I didn’t write majority of them down.  Thank God, memory is a good thing.  I am looking forward to writing it and I hope you enjoy it and also read it, for example, for quality Family Time.