Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #46

Some years ago we would be thinking, “oh the sweet summer fruits will soon be gone just like some vegetables and we have to wait till next year to sample.  This has all changed now, advanced technologies have not only help us have Internet, Google, WordPress (from where we are entertaining each other) , but new farming, transportation and preservation methods have given us these foods when they are not meant to be in season.

Now that we are more aware of being sustainable in order to give us and the earth a better chance, more people and businesses are choosing to use seasonal foods to help this cause.  The diversity of people living in the nations are many and the foods that we eat in our culture are now in abundance  and easily available where we now live.  Lots of these foods  have added an array of choice and dimension to the national diet.

Every little bit of effort from everyone helps.


I rise out of the Desert


I am the date palm of an oasis,

I rise out of the desert,

From pools of fresh dew

Made when the cold of the night,

Hits the morning sunshine.

From hidden rivers running under my roots,

Which wet and nurture me.

I am growing beautiful and strong,

From a seed cast askance

By the Berbers passing by.

The ripples of sand tickle me,

The wind raises the skirts of my leaves

The sun intensifies its rays on me,

But coolness comes from the water and foliage around.

Now I am fruitful and golden enough

For more and more sun to ease out my sweetness.

Don’t underrate my brown wrinkled skin,

For nature has given a natural healthy gift

To grace many a table, be it part of

A treat or a balanced meal or a celebration.

I am from a beautiful eco-system.