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“The Malian Spiderman” Gassama

In Paris, a brave young Malian man called Mamoudou Gassama is now “The Spiderman of the 18th(Parisian district). He thought nothing of climbing the outside of a building to get to the fourth floor and rescue a child.  The crowd gathered below had been watching the boy who was dangling from the balcony.

When Mamoudou walked down there earlier and saw the situation, he quickly took action without thinking. As he climbed up the crowd encouraged him.  The boy was crying when he pulled him up.  The fire brigade arrived and found the situation under control.  22-year old Gassama met President Macron at the Elysee Palace on Monday and was given a Certificate for his Act of Bravery and promised French citifzenship.

He also got a phone call fom Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, to thank him and she coined the name, “The Spiderman of the 18th.”

Italy’s New Prime Minister

Italy has a new Prime Minister, Carlo Cottarelli was called on by the President Sergio Mattarella to form an interim government.  The ex-IMF Official Cottarelli has to gain Paliamentary support otherwise Italians could go to the ballot in August instead of early January.

Ethiopian government release Tsege

British national Andy Steve was reported to be among 6000 prisoners released.  He was held on death row for terrorism but his family say he was just an outspoken critic of the government.

His family of three have campaigned for his release.  The charity Reprieve who worked with the family were happy he got a pardon four years after his arrest.


Inspirational Story

Mobile Street Laundrette

A Mobile Van with washing machines and drying facilities helps the homeless and refugees.  In Athens there are about 20,000 homeless people. Living on the streets, in centres or in shelters, there’s no access to running water to keep their clothes clean and fresh.   With the refugee crisis the numbers of those in need of help has risen.

Thanos and two friends started this venture in 2014, not only to give the homeless and refugees clean clothes, also their self-esteem and dignity back.  The three friends believed this help would improve their living conditions, lead the homeless and refugees  to take control of their lives and be intergrated back into society.

Pedro drives the van and operates the washing and drying too.  He used to be homeless too and know how people don’t approach the homeless when their clothes are not clean.  Pedro made it plain that it’s a factor in the widening gap between the homeless and society according to Nick  Holland of World Hacks/BBC.

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SIWO Global News 11th May 2018 # 25

Knowledge is Wealth

Expanding Grammar Schools

Theresa May announced the expansion of Grammar schools because parents want it for their children.  She is allocating  £50 million, so the Grammar schools can create more places for disadvantaged children.  King Edward VI  Grammar School in Birmingham has been using this method.  The Head of the Grammar Schools Association and Head for Rugby School, Charlotte Marten hopes it is a method that will be replicated in other schools.

Ban on Junk food  adverts on London Transport

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has put out for consultation a ban on junk food adverts on tubes, buses and Overground trains run by TFL.  This is  because  40% of 10 to 11 year olds are overweight. It is to target foods that are high in fats, salt and sugar.  The are the foods responsible for childhood obesity and it predisposes in later life to diseases such as heart attacks, high blood pressure and Type II Diabetes.  Jamie Oliver was happy at the news because he has been campaigning for better nutrition in school meals and Take-away shops.

UN Report on Post-Brexit Racism

After Brexit the verbal and physical racist attacks in London rose drastically. U.N. Special Rapporteur on Racism assessed the situation and Ms T. Achiume wrote,

“The harsh reality is race, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, status and related categories all continue  to determine  the life chances and well-being of people in Britain in ways that are unacceptable and in many cases unlawful.”

Theresa May allows more experts on Grenfell panel

Two more experts are to be appointed by the Prime Minister Theresa May to join Judge Sir Martin Moore-Bicks.  The news was welcomed by groups calling  for this move for a better investigation of the Grenfell fire.

Eurovision song contest in Portugal

The Eurovision song contest is on in Portugal this Saturday. Over 200 million people will watch it. Viewers as far as China and Australia will see it.  A Scientist fom Imperial College has found that the song contest makes nation happy.

Inspirational Story

A woman is making a difference to the lives of women and girls around the world.  Her name is Dayle Haddon, founder and CEO of WomenOne.  It helps them access quality education.  Her work has been applauded in Kenya where girls were at risk and in Syria refugee girls at Zaatari camp, Dayle created a media and leadership workshop.

By educating the girls, HIV was reduced and also the survival age of a child was up past 5 years of age, when born to an educated woman.  Centres of Worth was set up to help adolescent girls stay in school, provided social, emotional, academic, counselling, health, education, financial and digital literacy training. Dayle Haddon received the UN Humanitarian Award.


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