The health of a nation is so vital for many reasons, in this case I am referring to the human physical and mental health.  It is the type of structure or model that has been set up which should allows access by all the inhabitants and anyone in need of care whether they have symptoms or not.

The public sector health services have been thus organised to cope with this.   However financial constraints or should I say prioritisation is causing deficiencies in the system therefore giving rise to debates and discussions as to how to solve this problem..Symptom


How irksome some people can be,Irksome

As much as you tell them to stop,

They think it is a joke and carry on,

It’s as if there is a blockage,

They are desensitised to another’s feelings,

There is so much hurt from their actions,

So keeping away from them,

Is a safe option,

Until they can understand the process of connecting,

and the respecting one’s human and civil rights.