Managing a Fortune


Fortune says, ” roll up, roll up”,

Who’s first in the queue,

All hands go up

Their voices say, ” me, me, me”,

Fortune says,  “if you couldn’t manage a queue,

Then you don’t have the patience to manage a fortune.”

Susanna Dziworshie


Missing you my love

I am missing you my love,

Where art thou hiding?

A cosy fire a burning,

Crackling logs glowing amber,

With a red haze that warms my cockles,

Waiting for you to join me,

We will make each other a better person,

Patience will continue to be my virtue,

To safely  and surely  hand in hand with my man,

Sit we watching the snow fall on the glen .

What a phase Love is?


What a phase Love is? It is because it’s so important in our lives. Everyone has different experiences of love. Be it your first love, requited or not.  Be it love when you have a crush on someone.  Be it love that is sensible like being courted, engaged, married and living happily ever after. Whichever your phase was or is, I hope you kept an eye open or are keeping both open now, to make sure you don’t let lust in as it can spoil the phase of Love.

In response to the Prompt Word -Phase